Different Types of Qualities of Blue Sapphire

Publised on Dec 05,2013

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People often wonder how are the Prices of Blue Sapphire being set. Furthermore, they have many questions like which gemstone is mined from which country, how are the gemstones categorized in terms of fineness etc. Most of your queries regarding the precious and alluring Blue Sapphire stone will be answered in this article. The pricing and the grade of a Blue Sapphire do not depend upon the origin from which it is being mined but on factors like cut, weight, hue, tint, clarity and number of internal inclusions. The mining of Blue Sapphires takes place in many countries like India, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Colombia, Sri Lanka, USA, Madagascar, Tanzania, Malawi and Nigeria

Kashmir Blue Sapphires (India)

The mines of Kashmir yields the best Blue Sapphires in the whole world, but the mining of these Sapphires was stopped in year 1938 and since then Kashmir Blue Sapphire got discontinued in the market. Still the Kashmir Blue Sapphires are known to be the best due to their medium to medium dark tones of blue to violet blue. These Sapphires are considered to be imperial due to their clarity, minimal gray masking and lesser dark areas (extinctions) on facets of the Blue Sapphire.

Burma Blue Sapphire

The Blue Sapphires mined in Burma come just after the Sapphires from Kashmir in terms of quality. These Blue Sapphires are known for their medium to darker tones of blue and violet. The distinct ‘Electric Blue Color’ found in specific kinds of Blue Sapphires come from Burma only. Further, these Blue Sapphires are known for their clarity and proper distribution of color across the gemstone.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Blue Sapphire

After Kashmir and Burma, Sri Lanka is known to provide the World with the third finest Blue Sapphires. The Sapphires mined in Sri Lanka are found in the light to medium tones and in uneven color throughout the gemstones. Further, these Blue Sapphires have Gray masking which results in a lower saturation level. But all these factors don’t decrease the quality of these Sri Lanka Blue Sapphires due to their distinctive features. The lighter shade of these Blue Sapphires makes them clearer and brilliant. In addition to this, the Ceylon Blue Sapphires have minimal dark extinctions which make them highly valuable for making jewelry.

Thailand Blue Sapphire

The mining of Blue Sapphire in Thailand takes place mainly in Chanthaburi and Kanchanaburi. These precious gemstones are light colored clear Sapphires which are much more beautiful than dark colored Blue Sapphires. Hence, they are widely used in the production of various jewelry items. Moreover, these Sapphires are found in greenish blue to dark blue colors.

Australia Blue Sapphire

Mined from the crust of Australia, these Blue Sapphires are distinctive for possessing ink like dark blue color. These gemstones are used in the production of light blue colored Sapphires by heating process.


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