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Black Opal

Black Opal Jewelry

Dark and mysterious, Black opal Jewelry is a sure-ire way to make a bold statement. One can embrace the beauty of Black Opal with a beautiful range of options available:

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Black Opal Rings


Black Opal Pendants

Black Opal Necklaces

Black Opal Necklaces

Black Opal Earrings

Black Opal Earrings

Black Opal Price

By comparison, Black opal is the most valuable form of Opal, due to their dark body color tone and the resulting vibrant play of colors. The Black Opal Price can range from Rs1,000 Per carat to Rs 5,000 Per carat.

The value of Black Opal depends on many factors – Body tone, Brilliance, pattern, play of color, Cut & Polish, Size. The overall carat size of the gemstone determines the price per carat of the Black Opal.

  • Body Tone

    : Opals with darker body color are more valuable because they tend to display colors more vibrantly than those with lighter shades of black.
  • Brilliance

    : Brilliance refers to the brightness and clarity of the colors displayed by Blck Opal Gemstone. This ranges from brilliant, bright to subdue or dull.
  • Pattern

    : The pattern of colored segments, forming the play of color in the Black Opal Stone, also determines its value. Some excellent patterns include ‘Harlequin’, ‘Flagstone’, ‘Ribbon’, ‘Straw’ and ‘Floral’.
  • Black Opal price in india ranges from Rs 1,000 per carat to Rs 10,000 per carat Plus. Ethiopian Black Opal price ranges from Rs 1,000 per carat to Rs 4,000 per carat. Australian black opal price ranges from Rs 250 per carat to Rs 10,000 per carat.

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Black Opal Origin

  • Australian Black Opal

    : Black Opal is mostly mined in Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. Lightning Ridge is famous for Black Opal and hundreds of million dollars worth of Black Opals have been found there. Although White Cliffs is Australia’s oldest commercial opal feld, Lightning Ridge Black Opal is the most valuable in the world.
  • Ethiopian Black Opal

    : Black Opals from Ethiopia are not only beautiful but costs less than similar quality Opal from Australia.


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41 Products

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