Moldavite is a dull olive green colour gemstone. The glass-like stone is known for the unparalleled properties of healing all the Chakras with its powerful vibrations.

Who Should Wear Moldavite?

Moldavite is not a traditional birthstone nor is it astrologically significant, but it is a stone with intense vibrations and is suggested for people who can’t adjust to suffering and deep emotions.

How to Choose Moldavite

  • Moldavite stones should exhibit brilliant translucent to semi- translucent shades of light olive green or dark forest green.
  • Rough Moldavite gemstone also showcases black colored inclusions and uniquely wrinkled and etched surface.
  • Bohemian Moldavite stones are quite sought after for their much appreciated clarity and color.

Moldavite Benefits

  • Moldavite gemstones are widely used by gem healers and lovers for its unusually strong and energetic vibrations.
  • They are said to be highly beneficial for Chakra healing and stimulation.
  • From a medical perspective, Moldavite is said to be beneficial for the eyes and the treatment of asthma and other respiratory ailments, allergies or rashes.
  • Moldavite gemstones are also believed to assist the body to overcome flu and anemia.

Moldavite Quality

  • The quality of Moldavite depends upon its Cut, Clarity and Color.
  • The most beautiful Moldavite gemstones feature a beautifully, etched and wrinkled patterns on the surface in its rough form.
  • Moldavite gemstones usually have black or dark brown inclusions and are a sign of its natural authenticity.

Substitutes And Variants

Moldavite gemstones have no substitutes.

How To Wear A Moldavite?

These beautiful gemstones can be worn anyway you want.

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