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Customised Jewellery
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Customised Jewellery

GemPundit makes it easy for you to design unique pieces
of Jewellry, view them in 3D and have them
crafted for you.

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The Custom Experience

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    Share your Idea or Design
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Why GemPundit

Our Custom Jewellery is 100% CAD Rendered!

GemPundit Trust


Gemstones certified by the most Exclusive and Premium Labs along with
metal Hallmarked for purity

GemPundit  Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

Competitive pricing owing to the most efficient supply-chain (Mine to Market)

GemPundit  Professional

Professional Experience

Exceptional Customer Service by well trained Professionals having
strong Business Expertise

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Hear What Our Valued Customers Have to Say!

  • Customized Ring with GemPundit as a present for my Dad.

    I had purchased a customised ring with GemPundit as a present for my dad. The incessant questions I had regarding the process, shipping, stone quality and ring type were answered with such patience. I had made many changes along the way and the customer service representatives were very accommodating with all my requests. The best part of the experience was opening the parcel containing the finished product. It was simply sublime and my father loves the ring which he has been wearing everyday since. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

    Y Yaccoup,
  • Padparasha with Pearl Brooch

    Very beautiful custom-made brooch that Gem Pundit creates, stunning. Amazing product and excellent service. Keep it up. Thank you for the wonderful experience and I look forward to my next. Kudos :)

    -Chiu Ming Chen
  • Excellent Service

    Excellent service.. right from searching for the right gemstone jewellery to its delivery, the entire experience has been amazing. Thank you! Very efficient and helpful and their entire process post buying of the gem is automated so one keeps getting updates of exactly where the product is! Very happy to have chosen to buy from gem pundits!


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is your jewellery hallmarked? 

    All our jewellery and jewellery designs are hallmarked and come with a jewellery certificate that clearly states the authenticity and quality of our jewellery.

  • What would be the weight of the jewellery in Silver/Gold(14K/18K/22K)?  

    The weight of the jewellery ranges from 4-10gms or more depending on the weight of the gemstone, and the weight of the diamond(s). Once the weight is determined, we provide our customers with the price ranges for metals such as Gold in different available carat weights ranging from 14K, 18K, and 22K.

  • Can I provide my own gold for the custom jewellery? 

    Yes. You can provide your own gold for your custom jewellery. However, we prefer and strongly suggest our customers use our own fine quality Gold for your custom designs to keep the quality standards up to the mark.

  • How much time is taken to complete the jewellery?  

    The CAD rendering takes between 4-5 working days. Additionally, the final product takes a maximum of 15 working days to finish.

  • Can I make changes once the jewellery is complete? 

    Yes. But it may come at additional costs. If you want to make changes in the finishing of the jewellery, we would be glad to get it done free of cost. However, more intricate changes could come at an extra cost.

  • Which metals are used in Panchdhatu? 

    Panchdhatu is made using 5 metals, namely, Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, and Zinc.

  • What is the difference between 22K and 18K and which is more durable?  

    The basic difference between 22K and 18K are the parts of gold and other metals added to the composition. 22K gold contains 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals whereas 18K gold has 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals. Since gold is a soft and malleable metal, adding more of other durable metals would make it even more durable. Subsequently, 18K gold is more durable than 22K since it has more parts of hard and durable metals in its composition. It is also a better choice for gemstone jewellery.

  • What will be the return policy? 

    Any custom jewellery created for you be it rings, pendants, or bracelets, cannot be returned for money. You can, however, place a return request within 10 (Ten) days of delivery to request for store credit, which would be worth 75% of your invoice value, which you can use for future purchases with GemPundit! Click here to know more about our Return Policy

    Please Note: In the case of diamonds (such as solitaires), we currently do not accept any returns. Please go through our Return and Exchange policy or get in touch with our Customer support for more detailed information. Get in touch with us now! Call (toll-free): +91 11 4084 4599 Mail:

  • Why are the making and designing charges high?  

    Unlike local jewellers, our jewellery is made with regard to international standards. Therefore, instead of making by-hand, our fine jewellery is made hands-free with modern-day computer technology that smartly renders and gorgeously develops our jewellery designs. We do, however, do the finishing by hand, done by our extremely skilled and experienced karigars. This whole process to be up to the international standards incurs some cost due to which our making and designing charges are competitive.

  • What payment methods do you accept? 

    At GemPundit, we accept Credit cards, Debit cards, PayPal, Netbanking, Mobile Payments, Cash Cards, Bank Deposits, and Cash on Delivery. Read more about our payment policies by clicking here

  • Can I return a gemstone that I got customized into jewellery?  

    According to our Returns Policy, any custom-made jewellery cannot be returned. However, you are eligible for a store credit worth 75% of your invoice value, for use against future purchases with us!

  • How do I measure my ring size? In case of an issue in size, what are the alternatives? 

    To clarify all your doubts regarding ring sizes, please visit our Ring Size Guide .

  • Can I see multiple CAD designs of my gemstone before making a selection? 

    Yes. We provide our customers with a wide range of options and amenities. If you wish to see multiple CAD designs for your custom gemstone jewellery, we would be happy to be of service! Choose from our brochure of fascinating designs and select your favourite now!

  • Where do you source your diamonds from? 

    All our diamonds are 100% authentic and are sourced from Belgium.

  • Can I order designs on the website but with different gemstones and sizes? 

    GemPundit does not believe in standing in the way of creativity and inspiration. You can select from our previously done custom designs and give it your own touch! Add your favourite gemstone(s) and get it made in your ideal size!

  • Can I wear 2-3 gemstones in a single ring/pendant?  

    You can select your favourite gemstones and we will make it the way you want it to be. Our team is highly skilled in making jewellery with more than one gemstones, such as Navratna.

  • Are all your listed gemstones natural?  

    At GemPundit, we source all our precious, semi-precious, and mid-precious gemstones directly from the mines. These gemstones are then made to go through rigorous tests before making it to our catalogue. Moreover, our gemstones are certified to be 100% natural and authentic by reputed gemstone laboratories such as IGI, GIA, Gubelin, etc. In addition to this, our gemstones also come with a free lab certificate that stipulates that our gemstones are indeed natural.

  • Would you make jewellery if I provide my own gemstones and diamonds? 

    We do not take custom jewellery orders for gemstones sourced from other than our own catalogue. Diamonds and coloured gemstones are incredibly precious belongings and the process of jewellery-making incurs a risk of damage. Therefore, we do not take outsourced gemstones to make custom-made jewellery.

  • Will I get a separate certificate of Diamonds used in jewellery? If not, then how will we ensure that real diamonds are used? 

    When small diamonds are used in your custom jewellery, we only provide the gemstone certificate as well as a jewellery certificate that acts as evidence of the authenticity of the jewellery. This jewellery certificate also clearly mentions if natural diamonds are used or not. Alternatively, you could get them certified by renowned laboratories such as IGI or GIA and they would additionally provide the grading of the diamonds as well, but at an extra cost.

  • I am purchasing for astrological purposes. Will the gemstone touch my skin? 

    Our team is highly skilled and experienced in making astrological jewellery. Therefore, we make sure that all our astrological jewellery is made in a way that the gemstone touches the skin and brings about its magic.