Apatite Cat's Eye


    Origin, chatoyant band-strength, color, and clarity are the three important factors that should be checked carefully before purchasing an Apatite Cat’s Eye gemstone. Since this gemstone is primarily worn for astrological purposes, selecting the best quality Apatite Cat’s Eye gemstone is quite essential for getting the optimum results.

  • Origin

    – Fine quality apatite cat’s eye is resourced from the mines of Sri-Lanka, India, Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique and Brazil. Yellowish green cat’s eye apatite gemstones from Sri Lanka and Brazil are considered to be of finest quality and highly preferred for astrological use. However, due to its brilliant blue hue, Burmese cat’s eye is majorly worn.

  • Chatoyant Band Strength & Body Color

    – Bright and highly saturated yellowish green to honey-colored apatite cat’s eye is considered as the most desirable variety. When coupled with fine, narrow, silver or golden chatoyant band, the overall value of the cat’s eye shifts further north. Poor color saturation, indistinct cat’s eye effect and the presence of strong color-zoning are indications of poor quality stones.

  • Clarity

    – Apatite cat’s eye is mostly less transparent and more translucent due to the presence of evident rutile needle like inclusion. Since apatite cat’s eye is comparative more delicate in comparison to other mineral varieties, its upper surface is more sensitive towards scratches that reduces clarity and smoothness. Therefore, a loupe clean cat’s eye apatite is considered valuable.


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3 Products