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Chrysoberyl Prices:

Chrysoberyl is a yellow to greenish-yellow, transparent to a translucent, semi-precious version of Alexandrite. Chrysoberyl, like Alexandrite, is a beryllium aluminum oxide. Chrysoberyl is one of the hardest minerals, falling just below corundum (ruby or sapphire), and diamond. Chrysoberyl is a very hard material, with a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale and has a distinct cleavage with vitreous surface luster.

The standard price of Chrysoberyl is anywhere between ₹ 2000 per carat – ₹ 65,000 per carat.

The price of a Chrysoberyl Crystal depends on the following factors:

  • Colour

    : Chrysoberyl is normally yellow to yellow-green. Sometimes a brownish tinge can be seen because of the presence of iron. Some very rare minty bluish-green chrysoberyl’s from Tanzania owe their Colour to the presence of Vanadium. They are extremely rare and fetch higher prices. The popular cat’s eye chrysoberyl comes in many nuances between the lemon and greenish yellow. The cat’s eye having a honey brown shade with rich gold highlights are generally the most valued.
  • Cut

    : Chrysoberyl is found in shapes such as ovals, cushions, rounds and emerald cuts. It may remind you of yellow sapphire, topaz, or citrine. However, clean faceted Emerald Cuts and Cushion Cuts are most admired for making Chrysoberyl Jewellery. Faceted chrysoberyl is transparent, with few visible inclusions.
    Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl gemstones are always cut as cabochons for it is the only cut that will allow the spectacular cat's eye effect to be displayed.
  • Clarity

    : Like any other gemstone Chrysoberyl’s too fetch a high price when eye-clean. Inclusions like, blemishes, cracks, fractures, etc. leave a negative effect on the price of Chrysoberyl. However, a natural gemstone often comes with a few inclusions.
  • Carat Weight

    : Again, like any other gemstone, a bigger Chrysoberyl gemstone will fetch a higher price. However, an eye-clean smaller gemstone will fetch a higher price when compared to larger gemstone with a few inclusions.
  • Origin

    : Chrysoberyl is a very rare mineral and gemstone quality deposits are even rarer. Some of the most notable sources include Brazil's Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, and Bahia; the Mogok and Pegu regions of Burma, Sri Lanka, India, Tanzania, Madagascar, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, and the United States.

Most Colour change chrysoberyl is sourced from the Ural Mountains of Russia near Sverdlovsk, while most chrysoberyl cat's eye is sourced from Brazil, China, India, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe. A rare, Colourless variety of chrysoberyl is known to occur only in Burma, and Tanzania is also known to produce a very rare, bluish-green chrysoberyl which is extremely valuable.

Understanding the above pricing criteria that determine the price of Chrysoberyl will help you in making a smart purchase. Before you buy Chrysoberyl Gemstone Online or from a specialized Coloured gemstone dealer, we advise you to keep the above features in mind.


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