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Rhodonite Value

Ideally, Rhodonite Price is quite modest. Rhodonite price in India is affected more by labour and artistry over the material itself. The prices also depend on the size, the cut, and the origin of the Rhodonite gemstone. Keeping all these factors in mind, an Original Rhodonite Gemstone can cost a buyer anywhere between ….. to ….. per carat..

  • Origin

    : Rhodonite originates chiefly from Russia, Australia, Finland, Japan, Madagascar, Sweden, South Africa and the United States. The best Rhodonite stones with no or almost negligible inclusions are substantially more expensive and can cost anywhere between …. To …. Per Carat.
  • Pattern

    : Finer the pattern, higher the price. Detailed landscape-like color patterns are sold at a premium price. The designers often enjoy the advantage of these intrigue patterns and turn them into art pieces making them even more expensive.
  • Color

    : Bright Rose colour is always a preferred choice while buying Rhodonite. So,rosier is the color, higher the price. The rarest crystals have dark red-orange color with brown-black dendritic veins or honeycomb like inclusions, and are often sold at premium prices.
  • Carat Weight

    : Like any other gemstone, Rhodonite Price is also determined by its size. Especially when the color and pattern co-exist, bigger stones are sold at a bigger value. It is also common that a larger stone, displaying dull color and blurred pattern is often sold at a lower price when compared to a smaller stone displaying detailed pattern and rich colour.
  • Treatment

    : Due to the high ornamental value, Rhodonite is often dyed to give it a richer hue. This category of Rhodonite is obviously less valuable than Natural Rhodonite gemstones that are enhanced only by cutting, tumbling and polishing.

Understanding the above criteria that determine the price of Rhodonite will help in making a smart purchase. Hence, while buying a Rhodonite Gemstone online, the above features should be kept in mind.


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