Peridot is an astrological gemstone that is Olive green in color. It is an astrological substitute for Emerald. It is said to be a stone of warmth, love and openness. (Refer: Peridot Gemstone Astrological Benefits)

Who Should Wear A Peridot?

  • Peridot is beneficial for those born under the Zodiac Sign libra
  • The ruling planets for Peridot Stone are Mercury and Venus
  • From an astrological perspective, Peridot is a substitute for Emerald
  • Peridot is also worn often as jewelry.
  • Peridot has numerous spiritual and healing benefits

Which Peridot To Buy Qualities Of Good Peridot Benefits Of Peridot How To Wear Peridot

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Which Peridot To Buy?

The weight of the Peridot stone in carats should correspond to 1/10 of your body weight in kgs (60kg weight = 6carat Peridot). The bigger is the size of the stone size, greater will be its benefits.

Qualities Of Good Peridot

  • Even color of the stone
  • Minimum inclusions
  • A Natural Unheated and Untreated Peridot should be preferred.

Benefits Of Peridot

  • Peridot increases strength and vitality in people.
  • They are also said to bring happiness and warmth in the lives of people. They help people in understanding relationships and their values. They have a calming effect on the wearer.
  • Peridot helps in reducing anxiety and brings clarity in thoughts. When used as a necklace, they become a protector against negative emotions.
  • They are known to have healing effect on liver and gall bladder. Peridot stones are good healers of diseases related to lungs, breasts, intestinal tract, spleen and lymph.
  • When worn as an amulet, Peridot stones are good for asthma and sinus.
  • They have their nursing powers which have given magical effects on eye, stomach, thyroid, liver and other body parts.
  • They are also said to help in bringing openness of mind, good sleep, relaxation and comfort to people.
  • They are the stone of love and are known to foster love.
  • They have the power to manifest money and many other good things in your life. 


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How To Wear Peridot

Peridot should preferably be worn in Silver, Gold or Panchdhatu. It can be worn either as a ring, pendant or bracelet.

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