Properties of Peridot Stone

Publised on Dec 20, 2013


Peridot is one of the oldest gemstones that are known to the mankind. It is green in color, transparent and shiny in nature. It is the birthstone for August and so it marks the end of summer. It is a very wonderful gift for those couples who are celebrating their 16th anniversary. It is said to be a stone of warmth, love and openness. It was used as a talisman or amulet during ancient times because of its property to ward off evils. Many women use peridot as a jewelry. They make very good jewelries because of their bright and warm color. (See: Properties of Peridot gemstone)?


  • It is a mineral gemstone which is composed of magnesium-iron silicate complex.
  • It is found in only one color- olive green.
  • It is associated with feelings of happiness, abundance and love.
  • It has a strong energy in it which is said to come to your life as a beam of sunlight.
  • Wearing peridot jewelry improves your creativity.
  • It is said to elevate the overall levels of happiness and bring out the best in you.
  • Since it is a Heart Chakra stone, it instills positive energies in you and helps you in having a positive outlook towards life.
  • The ancient Romans used to wear a Peridot stone to get out of mental depression.
  • They are also known as Sun stone because they bring warmth and happiness in the life of the wearer.
  • In ancient Egypt they were known as Evening Emerald. This was because faint glimmers were noticed under a lantern and moonlight.
  • Peridot is also used in meditation. It is said to have powers that connect us with the Divine Mind and bring Divine Energy in your life.
  • It is a powerful cleansing stone. It gives encouragement for a new start and rejuvenates the body.
  • It is said to help in releasing obsession & guilt and enhance assertiveness & confidence
  • The Heart Chakra helps in feeling love for mother earth and all its creatures. It brings light and beauty in life.

Summary :  
Gemstone : Peridot
Other Names : Olivine, Hawaiite, Chrysolite
Month : August
Planet : Mercury, Venus
Zodiac : Libra, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo
Hardness on Moh’s Scale : 6.5 - 7
Specific Gravity : 3.27-3-37
Color : Medium-pale lime green
Refractive index : 1.654-1.690
Mineral group : Olivine
Chakras : Heart Chakra
Origin Egypt, United States, Myanmar, Australia, Norway, South Africa and Brazil.

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