Azurite is a soft deep blue colored gemstone found generally in copper ore mines. It is also known as Chessylite and is believed to relieve stress and enhance creativity. Azurite stones are majorly sourced from copper mining areas such as Australia, Chile, Russia, Africa and China.

Who should wear Azurite?

Azurite is not a traditional birthstone, but is an extremely beneficial energy stone for musicians, artists, writers and composers and is known to stimulate creativity and promote synchronization with nature’s aura and vibe.

Azurite benefits Azurite quality factors How to choose the perfect Azurite Substitutes and Variants | How to wear a Azurite

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Azurite benefits

  • Azurite gemstones are said to relieve stress and enhance creativity and also helps to let go of anxiety, worry, grief and sadness.
  • It is also believed to enhance focus and concentration, memorization and retention of information and thus is a highly beneficial stone for students.
  • Medically, Azurite is said to be highly useful against arthritis, joint problems, detoxification and issues of kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and the liver.
  • Azurite gemstones are also believed to encourage growth by stimulating the activity of the thyroid gland.

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Azurite quality factors

  • The quality of Azurite depends upon its Cut and Color.
  • The stone preferably should have no visible inclusions or cracks and should also exhibit a beautiful and deep ink blue color.
  • Azurite gemstone quality depends mainly on the clarity and evenness of the color.

How to choose the perfect Azurite?

  • Azurite stones should have no visible internal inclusions and should also exhibit brilliant opaque shades.
  • Azurite gemstone exhibits beautiful shades of deep ink blue color.
  • Australian Azurite stones are quite sought after for their exceptional color quality.

Substitutes and Variants

Azurite gemstones have no substitutes.

How to wear a Azurite

These beautiful gemstones can be worn as rings, pendants necklaces, bracelets, anyway that you find suitable.


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