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Our Gemstone Studded Jewellery Designs

Our colorful gemstone collection includes precious gemstone (sapphires, rubies, emeralds) and semi precious (amethyst, cat's eye, red coral and many more) and covers the entire spectrum of Birthstones. We also offers gemstone studded rings, pendants and bracelets in vibrant designs and a variety of metals like Silver, Brass (Panchdhatu), Copper, Yellow Gold (14K, 18K, 22K), White Gold (14K, 18K, 22K).

Ring Designs

  • R1

  • A1

  • A2

  • A3

  • A4

  • Design A5

  • Design A5 Large

  • Design A6

  • Design A7

  • Design A9

  • Design A10

  • Design A11

  • Design A12

  • Design A13

  • Design A13 Large

  • Design A15

  • Design A15 Large

  • Design A16

  • Design A16 Large

  • Design A18

  • Design A19

  • Design R1 Sparkle

  • Design R1 Dazzle

  • Design A2 Sparkle

  • Design A2 Dazzle

  • Design A20

Red Coral & Pearl Rings

Red Coral and Pearl shapes are slightly dissimilar from the usual gemstones, so their jewelry designs are different. Red Corals are usually available in capsule or triangular shape, whereas Pearls are generally Round and Button shaped.

  • Design AC1

  • Design AC2

  • Design AC2-Tri

  • Design AC3

  • Design AC4

  • Design AC5

  • Design AP1

  • Design AP2

  • Design AP3

  • Design AP4

  • Design AP5

  • Design AP6

  • Design AP7