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Kashmir Blue Sapphire

Kashmir Sapphire Price

Kashmir Sapphire is a highly precious variety of Sapphires. Even a slight different in Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weigh create a huge impact on Kashmiri Neelam price. Therefore, it is important to be cautious while purchasing loose Kashmir Blue Sapphire stone online or from any local gem store. As buyers invest a serious amount while buying Kashmir Sapphire GemPundit always suggest to buy Kashmir Sapphire stone, supported by gem reports from more than one internationally recognized gem testing laboratories.

  • Notes - Kashmir Blue Sapphire price in India starts from as low as Rs 1-1.5 lac per carat. There is no upper limit to kashmir sapphires. Auction Prices for Kashmir sapphires have regularly hit above $150,000 per carat (Rs 1 crore per carat).

  • Color - A clean, deep blue often termed as Cornflower blue, is the highly priced color variety of Kashmir Sapphire. Cornflower Blue Kashmir Sapphire possesses a legendary reputation and is considered top quality gem in the sapphire league. Royal Blue Sapphire is next in the race. Surprisingly, even some pale blue sapphires from Kashmir mine fetch a considerable amount just because of being from Kashmir origin.

  • Clarity - Kashmiri Neelam is characterised by its tiny, microscopic rutile needle-like inclusions (silk) which is common and highly welcomed. Ideally, these common Kashmir Sapphire inclusions are not visible from naked eye and lends a velvet like texture. Generally, Jammu blue Sapphire price reduces marginally for stones containing prominently visible milky clouds, blocks and dust bands.

  • Cut - Cut also bears a strong influence over the prices. Since, a fine quality Kashmir Sapphire rough is extremely rare and expensive, weight retention is always a matter of big concern. Kashmiri Neelam stones in appropriate symmetry appear more beautiful and hence they command a higher value. Kashmir Sapphire Cabochon (non-faceted, polished stone) are comparatively cheaper.

  • Carat weight - As a rule of thumb, carat weight follows the same logic as in other precious colored gems. For best quality stones, Kashmir blue sapphire price per carat increases exponentially even if the size increase by 1 or 2 carats.

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Kashmir Sapphire Benefits

Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone represents karmic planet ‘Saturn’ (Shani) in vedic astrology. This gemstone is highly recommended for natives undergoing the difficult phase of ‘Shani Sade Sati’ or the ‘Dhaiyya’ phase. This fast-acting astrological gemstone is known for its strong metaphysical properties and hence recommended with utmost caution. Being the finest variety, a natural Kashmir blue sapphire gemstone is regarded as the most effective gem for Saturn. However, due to its exorbitant price, Kashmir Sapphires are mainly purchased by gem collectors or investors.

  • Promotes Professional Growth - Planet Saturn is known for providing the wearer just rewards. According to an ancient belief, its positive energies help to remove the deadlock, and, also benefit professionals and businesses facing professional stagnancy.

  • Blesses with Popularity & Fame - As per the astrologers, Blue Sapphire benefits the wearer by making his hard work and efforts recognized by the concern authority, bringing better opportunities and good fortune. Professionals in creative endeavour and politics can gain maximum benefits of Neelam stone.

  • Reorients Discipline & Patience - In sacred vedas, Saturn is known for its slow, steady and disciplined motion. Therefore, astrologers believe that wearing Blue Sapphire benefits people in staying determined, focused and progressive towards their life goals. The benefits of Neelam gemstone are also reflected in the rewards gained as the result of efforts incorporated by the wearer.

  • Cures Bone, Mind & Sensory Ailments - In alternative healing therapies, Neelam gemstone is considered beneficial for patients suffering from joint pain, gout, arthritis or any sensory organ related issues. It is believed that wearing Neelam benefits by stabilising mind, releasing stress, anxiety and confusion.

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Kashmir Sapphire Certificates

One can easily buy Kashmiri Neelam online from GemPundit along with gem reports issues by internationally renowned gem laboratories like GIA, Gubellin, IGI, GII etc. Some samples are given below

GIA Certified Kashmir SapphireGIA Certified Kashmir Sapphire IGI Certified Kashmir Neelam IGI Certified Kashmir Neelam
GRS certified Kashmir SapphireGRS certified Kashmir Sapphire C. Dunaigre certified Kashmir Sapphire C. Dunaigre certified Kashmir Sapphire

Gubellin certified Kashmir SapphireGubellin certified Kashmir Sapphire

Kashmir Sapphire is a highly sought-after variety of Sapphire, immensely popular for its mesmerising blue color and velvety appearance. It is also one of the most expensive gemstone (not on per carat basis). In gem market, this gemstone is also famous as Jammu Sapphire, Kashmir Neelum or Jammu Neelam gemstone. For more information, read our notes on Kashmir Sapphire mines , Kashmir Sapphire Quality and Kashmir Sapphire Price . For any further help, feel free to Contact our Gem Expert.

High aesthetic value, extreme rarity and strong demand, have collectively made Kashmir Sapphire an undisputed king of the gem industry. Its prices remain significantly high in comparison to the price of other blue sapphire varieties. This is because Kashmir blue sapphire bears a rich, lustrous blue hue with a unique velvety feel. It is hard to find such quality blue sapphire from other origins. The limited availability of this precious gem variety is another significant factor causing notable hike in Kashmiri Blue Sapphire prices. The Kashmir mines got depleted in early 19th century and since then no commercial mining have taken place. Kashmir Neelam available in the market were extracted years back and are present in limited quantity. This is the reason why these days even the palest blue Kashmir Neelam (that merely live up to the Kashmir reputation) manages to fetch an amount of nearly ₹1-2 lakh per carat ($1555 - $3100 approx.) and above. On the other hand, it is not easy to buy large Kashmir Neelam in top quality even if someone is ready to pay a premium as big as ₹50 lakhs per carat and above. The best quality Kashmir Sapphire can either be seen in auction houses or a collector’s collection. Star of Kashmir sapphire is a good example. It is a cushion-cut Kashmir sapphire weighing 19.88 carats. It was auctioned at a price of $175,259 per carat. It is encapsulated in a ring and is embellished with two cushion shaped diamonds present on each side weighing nearly 3.02 ct. and 2.72 ct. Most of the gemmological institutions identified Kashmir Sapphire to be extremely rare and worthy.

Yes, one can purchase a GIA certified Kashmiri Neelam from GemPundit. Since, Kashmir Sapphire cost a serious amount, GemPundit always strive on trusted and internationally recognised gemmological institutions like GIA, Gubellin, GII, GRS and IGI to get the origin testing done. We have showcased a decent inventory of Kashmir Neelam online for sale along with their certificates, photos and videos for better understanding of our customers. Click here to browse our collection.

At GemPundit, we ensure certain strict quality measures so that you get the best worth of your hard-earned money:-

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  • We provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Kashmir Sapphire gemstone is 100% natural.

  • Also, you can pay using the options of cash on delivery (COD) and monthly EMI.

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