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Astrological Benefits of Blue Sapphire – Neelam Stone

Published on Oct 16, 2013

The sparkling Blue Sapphire Stone is one of the most precious gemstones and is associated with the planet Saturn (Shani). Traditionally known as the birthstone for September, it is considered the most effective gemstone ruled by the strongest planet. The gemstone should never be worn without consulting an expert astrologist and judging the suitability.

Summary :

Gemstone : Blue Sapphire
Other Names : Neelam(Hindi)
Hardness on Moh's Scale : 9
Category : Corundum
Ruling Heavenly Body : Saturn (Shani, according to Vedic Astrology)
Origin : Sri Lanka , Myanmar, Thailand and Madagascar

What are the benefits of wearing Neelam?

  • Blue Sapphire is known for wealth and prosperity. Also the financial loss incurred in the past can be recovered.
  • The gemstone is believed to protect from evil spirits in the environment and bad company.
  • Fruitful results can be experienced in social, professional and marital life.
  • Blue Sapphire can health problems such as bronchitis, paralyses, gout, insanity, rheumatism etc. It is also effective in curing problems related to secretive system, bones, knees, teeth, feet, ribs and so on.
  • It is also believed that if the gemstone is kept in water for some time then that water is helpful to wash off the poison of a Scorpion bite.

Who can wear Blue Sapphire Gemstone?

Saturn (Shani) is considered to be the most malefic planet in the solar system. Blue Sapphire gemstone is worn to please the blue planet or 'Shani' (Saturn). The stone is beneficial for people with zodiac sign Capricorn and Aquarius.

It is always strictly advised to wear Blue Sapphire upon recommendation by an expert astrologer only, because it is suitable for only 40-50% of the people. However, if it turns out to be suitable for someone, then its positive results are seen very quickly.

Which metal should be used to wear the gemstone?

The minimum weight of the Blue Sapphire stone(Neelam stone) to be worn is 2 carats. It should always be worn in Silver or Platinum. Gold is strictly forbidden from use when it comes to Blue Sapphires since it reverses the positive effects and produces very negative effects.

How and when to wear the Blue Sapphire Stone?

The gemstone is to be worn on a Saturday in the middle finger of the right or the left hand. Before wearing, the stone should be kept in a bowl of milk for about an hour and then in rose water.

Which Blue Sapphire Stone is better for astrological purpose?

Ceylonese Blue Sapphire, which comes from Sri Lanka, is considered to be the best. For astrological purpose, it should preferably be worn in Silver or Platinum. An unheated and untreated blue sapphire stone with pure color, higher clarity and less internal inclusions is considered the best for such purpose.

What are the substitutes of Blue Sapphire?

Blue Spinel, Amethyst Stone and Blue Topaz stone are the substitutes of the blue sapphire gemstone. The extremely high price of the precious stone makes it out of the budget's reach for many people. So, the substitutes become a better choice for the wearers although they are comparatively less effective.

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