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Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Jewelry

The best way to benefit from this ‘all-around energy cleanser’ is to adorn it as jewelry, so that the stone constantly benefits the wearer by soaking up all the negative energy and showering its pure and radiant vibes. Black Tourmaline can be worn as any type of jewelry:

  • Black Tourmaline Necklace
  • Black Tourmaline Bracelet
  • Black Tourmaline Ring
  • Black Tourmaline Pendant
  • Black Tourmaline Earrings

Black Tourmaline Price and Buying Guide

Black Tourmaline price per carat usually ranges between Rs 150 per carat ($3 approx.) to Rs 400 per carat ($6. approx.) plus. The pricing of this stone depends on following parameters:

  • Clarity :

    The quality of the Black Tourmaline and the overall appearance defines its worth. If it is eye-clean and does not have any flaw, then it will be more valued. Usually, a Black Tourmaline stone with visible flaws is sold for a much lesser price.
  • Cut :

    Mostly, the Black Tourmaline in the market are rectangular and narrow in shape. This is because of its roughness; In order to reduce wastage, it is mostly cut in this shape. However, it can be cut and styled in many different shapes. A clean-cut in the lengthwise direction is often sold for higher prices.
  • Carat :

    The price of Black Tourmaline is usually moderate. However, the prices increase dramatically once the weight of the stone crosses five carats.
  • Color :

    A dark, non-treated, intense, charcoal black color is the ideal choice while buying a Black Tourmaline stone. A chemical or heat-treated Black Tourmaline might be good to look at, but they are not as valuable as the natural ones.
  • Understanding the above criteria that determine the price of Black tourmaline will help in making a smart purchase. Hence, while buying a Black Tourmaline Gemstone online, the above parameters should be kept in mind.