Pearl Bracelets

What are the benefits received from wearing Pearl Bracelets?

• According to the Astrologers and the Gemologists, a Pearl is known to be ruled by the heavenly body Moon. This ruling body turns a Pearl into transcendental stone providing benefits to the wearer.
• Wearing Pearl Bracelets is highly beneficial for those who have a short temper and get easily irritated. These bracelets turn such people into calm, jolly and happy people by giving them a control over their anger.
• Also, wearing Pearl Bracelets is beneficial in controlling & regulating body fluids like the filtrate, blood, lymph and kidney pressure.
• People who are emotionally weak or are into some depression due to the past happenings, wearing Pearl Bracelets help in giving them emotional strength and getting over the pain attached to the past.
• Ending the hypertension and depression, Pearl Bracelets are known to provide satisfaction and stability to the mind to the wearers.