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Healing With Pearls - Hidden Powers Of The White Gems

Published on Feb 11, 2016

The human fascination with pearls isn't new. For ages we have been connecting pearls with metaphysical properties which are supposed to help us with managing imbalances arising out of lunar astrological complications. Used right pearls can change lives forever.

These pretty gems have had the privilege of being associated with countless beliefs some of which find basis in our Vedic as well as other mythological scriptures. The beauty in simplicity of a pearl has drawn many interpretations as to how it is formed. Since we are trying to understand the metaphysical healing properties we better start with the age old beliefs explaining its mysterious beginnings.


The fact that pearls originate deep within the wombs of the sea has prompted several interpretations regarding its formation, some really fabulous others interestingly close to what science later discovered to be the actual truth. This singular gem finds mention across different cultures world over.

Indians believe that Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was the first to have found and presented pearls to his daughter as wedding gift. Ancient Hindu tantriks believe pearls form when the first drops of Svati Nakshatra rain seeps into oysters. They classify pearls in 8 different forms. This is perhaps the most elaborate classification barring the taxonomical ones.

Not to be left behind, the Greek and Romans have their own fascinating versions as well. It is said that when the Greek Goddess of love arose from the seas she cried tears of joy which deposited on the sea bed as pearls. The 'love' connection has since been celebrated in Roman & Greek betrothals. In the past wedding guests in these two cultures had to wear pearls to weddings.


Pearl reinforces streaks of creativity and imagination. It promotes mental peace and has a distinct feminine aura to it. In cultures where amulets and talismans are used, pearls are associated with powers of procreation, vitality and wisdom. When worn in contact with the skin pearls can help in alleviating depression, exhaustion, hypertension & chronic headaches. The list of healing properties attributed to this gem is quite long and depends on what cultural belief you subscribe to.


How many times have you heard the phrase 'grandmother pearls'? One time too many perhaps and we wouldn’t be surprised because pearls are veritable investment options which not too long ago were considered at par with real estate when it came to returns. It's been a while since pearls have seen its zenith of popularity thanks to cheap pearl farming. But even to this day precious pearls command centre stage when it comes to being heirloom jewelry. Pearls or pearl necklaces are handed down through generations. Some rare pearls can fetch big sums at auctions but the majority of them stay in the family for ages. Got plans to buy pearls? Why don’t you check out our affordable South Sea pearls here

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