Blue Sapphire Prices - A Blue Sapphire Price Guide to Buy Natural Sapphire Online

Publised on Dec 13, 2017

A blue sapphire can be worn for many reasons. It could be healing, protection, beauty and other purposes. But the most important thing is to ensure that you are wearing a genuine quality gem purchased at a fair price. Blue Sapphire meaning Neelam in Hindi is a precious gemstone and commands a good market value. Therefore, before buying a blue sapphire, online or from a local gem store, it is better to gain a before-hand knowledge about how the Blue Sapphire prices vary. Just like other colored gems, Blue sapphire price per carat largely depends upon the four quality parameters (also called 4C’s – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight). However, some other factors such place of origin, rarity and demand also have influence over Blue Sapphire/Neelam (Nilam) gemstone price.

So, before buying Blue Sapphire gemstone, it is a wise move to understand what you want and how much will it cost. Read the below given points carefully to develop a good eye and understanding of the differences that affects Blue Sapphire quality, beauty and its value. This article will help in making your Blue Sapphire shopping easier, convenient and more joyful.

Blue Sapphire Prices

How Origin affects Blue Sapphire Prices?

The place of origin can create a huge impact on Blue Sapphire cost. As per the rule, a certified Blue Sapphire gemstone from a popular origin gets a better price than stone from undefined or less popular origin even if the quality is same. This clearly shows that the relevance of origin always reflected in the Neelam stone prices, no matter, how strongly the gemstone industry claims of not being origin biased.

Generally, a Kashmir Sapphire price, Burmese blue sapphire price and Ceylon blue sapphire price remain higher than the value of stones from any other origin (Bangkok or Thailand etc). Kashmir, Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are counted amongst the popular Blue Sapphire origin because most of the high quality blue sapphires available in the international gemstone market belong to these origins. Let’s discuss about the price variations in these three popular origin varieties of Neelam stone.

Generally, a Kashmir Sapphire price, Burmese blue sapphire price and Ceylon blue sapphire price remain higher than the value of stones from any other origin (Bangkok or Thailand etc). Kashmir, Burma (Myanmar) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are counted amongst the popular Blue Sapphire origin because most of the high quality blue sapphires available in the international gemstone market belong to these origins. Let’s discuss about the price variations in these three popular origin varieties of Neelam stone.

a. Kashmir Sapphire Price per carat -

Kashmir Sapphire is eminently popular because of its high rarity, superior color, good clarity and unique velvety sheen. This is solid reason why Kashmiri Neelam price remains high than other varieties. Generally, a Kashmir Blue Sapphire price in India starts from ₹ 1.25 lakh per carat ($2320 approx.) and can reach upto ₹ 5 lakh per carat ($7750 approx.) and above depending upon its quality and demand. Read our notes on Kashmir Sapphire price to get an in-depth knowledge on how the different quality parameters affect the Kashmir Sapphire cost in the market.

b. Burmese Blue Sapphire Price per carat -

Burma (Myanmar) produces the finest quality Royal blue sapphires. In India, Burmese blue sapphire price per carat starts from ₹ 25,000 per carat ($390 approx.) and goes up to ₹ 5 lakh per carat ($7795 approx.) and even above. Read our notes on Burmese Sapphire price to get an in-depth knowledge how Burmese Sapphire cost increase with quality.

c. Sri Lanka or Ceylon Blue Sapphire Price per carat -

The sapphires extracted from the popular Ratnapura mines of Sri Lankan are counted amongst the premium quality gems. Sri Lankan or Ceylon blue sapphire price in India ranges from ₹ 2,000 per carat ($30 approx.) and goes up to ₹ 32,000 per carat ($490 approx.) plus. To check latest update on Ceylon Sapphire prices, Please Contact our Gem Experts.

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How Sapphire’s Color influences its cost?

Color of a blue sapphire gem is the most important determinant of its price. Blue Sapphire gemstones come in different shades of blue. But, the richer shades like Vivid blue, medium Cornflower blue (majorly found in Kashmir), deep yet bright Royal Blue Sapphires and the intense Midnight Blue Sapphire are the most popular color varieties. They fetch a good premium even when purchased in wholesale. Too light or too dark (almost opaque) pieces are usually more economical.

Apart from the shade (hue), the color consistency (technically called saturation) and depth of blue (tone) are equally important factors effecting Neelam stone market value. Generally, a Neelam gem in evenly distributed medium tone blue hue (without any sign of treatment) gets a higher value. For astrological purposes, Indraneelam stone (deep blue Neelam gems) and Mayur Neelam (i.e. blue green sapphires, like the Montana Sapphires of Australia) are considered highly effective and thus demand a higher market price.

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Cornflower Blue Sapphire price per carat -

Cornflower Blue Sapphire is revered for its soft, light to medium toned, pure blue color. Cornflower blue sapphire stone prices in India start from ₹ 1.25 lakh per carat ($2320 approx.) and can reach upto ₹ 4 lakh per carat ($6200 approx.) plus. Click here to read more on Cornflower blue sapphire value.

Royal Blue Sapphire price per carat -

For those who admire darker shades of blue, Royal Blue Sapphire is an ideal choice. In India, Royal blue sapphire price per carat can range from ₹ 2 lakh per carat ($3100 approx.) and goes up to ₹ 10 lakh per carat ($15500 approx.) and even above. Click here, to read our notes on Royal Blue Sapphire value.

How Blue Sapphire value differs with Clarity?

Due to the gemmological composition, inclusions are acceptable in sapphires upto an extent. Inclusions in blue sapphire gemstone exist in the form of fine silk (microscopic rutile needles), fingerprints and color bands. Natural blue sapphire gems with no eye visible inclusion are rarely found and hence priced exorbitantly. For such top-quality pieces, Neelam price in India or anywhere can be in millions.

In moderate to low quality blue sapphire, the location, volume and nature of inclusions decides the Neelam stone prices. The presence of eye visible inclusions at notable location creates a reduction in Neelam ratna prices. For astrological reasons as well, a natural Blue Sapphire with good transparency and minimum visible flaws is considered most ideal.

For Kashmir Neelam

In certain varieties like Kashmir Blue Sapphire (Kashmiri Neelam), the prices usually increase due to the presence of a specific type of inclusion called Silk (Titanium Oxide Needles) inside the crystal. Even though these microscopic inclusions effect the transparency but in return provide a unique velvety feel to the gemstone. In Kashmiri Neelam gemstone, inclusions create a positive impact over the prices.

For Burmese Sapphire

Similarly, sapphires from Burma also come with different type of inclusions (crystals, feathers). Inclusions are quite common in Burmese Sapphires. Hence, these inclusions accepted as the basic nature of the gemstone. In the gem trade, slightly included Burmese Sapphire in superior blue color commands a good market value. On the other hand, top quality, eye-clean Burma sapphire pieces are rare to find and are highly expensive. Burmese sapphire gemstone with high inclusions are relatively cheaper in price.

How the Cutting style creates a difference in the Blue Sapphire prices?

A beautifully faceted blue sapphire usually fetches good money in the market because facets enhances the brightness of the stone and conceal the visible inclusions efficiently. If quality remains same, the round or oval shaped blue sapphires are cheaper than square or other custom shapes because the cutting process of oval and round shape gem involves minimum wastage. Blue Sapphire cabochons (non-faceted, polished stone with a dome surface) are comparative economical.

How Neelam prices increase with Carat weight?

Natural blue sapphire crystals are rarely found in big sizes. Therefore, Neelam stone price per increases exponentially with size unless the quality is not compromised. However, if the quality is not same, the top quality blue sapphire even in small size can get a much higher amount than low-quality stone in bigger size.

Buyers Beware: Gemstone weights in India are often expressed in Ratti. This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide on Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats Vs. Rattis, and Don’t get fooled by Gemstone Prices in Rattis, instead of Carats!

Other Important Factors

Apart from the major quality factors like Color, Clarity, Cut & Carat weight, several other factors such as Luster, Rarity, Uniqueness and the presence of Treatment also influence Blue Sapphire rate in the market.


A Blue Sapphire displaying surreal glow when light is shone on it, not just look great in jewelry but is also considered astrologically, the best. Hence, the presence of a good luster also plays a role in determining the cost of blue sapphire stone. A highly lustrous gemstone appears brighter and richly colored. It always holds higher value than a lustreless or dull blue sapphire stone.


The less availability of some origin varieties and certain shades of Blue Sapphire also create a difference in prices. For instance, Kashmir Sapphire is quite a rare variety of Blue Sapphire as its mining is ban since early nineties. The Kashmiri Neelam which are available in the market were extracted many years ago. They are available in very limited quantity. And the increasing popularity and demand of Kashmir Blue Sapphire has increased the scarcity further. This is the reason why these days even a light blue Kashmir sapphire fetches a premium amount. Top quality Kashmir Neelam are extremely rare and are sold in millions.
Ceylon blue sapphire value remains comparatively less than Kashmir Neelam price. This is because Sri Lankan or Ceylon blue sapphires are available in sufficient amount in the gemstone market. Low to medium quality Burmese Sapphire are also easily available but the top-quality Burmese sapphire for sale are available at some trusted gemstone stores only. Click here to buy loose Burmese Sapphire online at GemPundit.


Sapphires are known to exhibit a visual effect called ‘Asterism’ in a six-ray star like fashion. A sapphire with such an effect is known as Star Blue Sapphire. This type of sapphire contains tiny silk inclusion that reflects light and forms star effect on the surface. Generally, the Blue Star Sapphire value remains high because they are rarely found in nature. As per the rule, more prominently visible is the effect, higher will be the Blue star sapphire prices.

  • Blue Star SapphireBlue Star Sapphire


Heat treatment is a common sapphire enhancement which is done to improve the color and clarity of the gemstone. Beryllium treatment is another popular trade practice. These profiteering practices are obviously carried out to increase Neelam rate in the market. From astrological perspective, an untreated and unheated blue sapphire stone is considered more desirable. But one can wear a slightly treated Blue sapphire also in case of serious budget constraints. As per the trade rule, the value of a certified natural blue stone remains always higher than a certified treated Blue sapphire of similar quality.

It is always suggested to buy certified natural Blue sapphire from a gem dealer, not from a jeweller’s shop. A store that especially deals in gems are better qualified to check the quality of a gemstone. Secondly, when buying precious blue sapphire gem, it is always advisable to ask the seller to provide a Gem Certificate of reputed gem testing laboratory like GIA, IGI and GII etc.

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