Substitutes of Red Coral Stone

Publised on Oct 11, 2013

Gemstone Red Coral (Moonga)
Substitutes Carnelian, Red Agate and Red Onex
Ruling Planet (Vedic Astrology) Mars
Signs Ruled Aries, Scorpio
Day to Wear Tuesday morning on ring finger or index finger of the right hand
Metal to Wear in Gold or Silver

What are the substitutes of Red Coral gemstone ?

  • Carnelian

    Carnelian is a dark colored variety of silica mineral chalcedony. The presence of the impurities of iron oxide is responsible for its wide range of colors from pale orange to almost brown. The stone is found in countries like India, Siberia, Brazil, and Germany. The stone helps in emotional and spiritual development of an individual. The qualities such as self confidence wearer, responsibility, determination, etc are enhanced. The wearer comes out of the state of depression. It also has great medicinal value as well. It helps in immediate blood clotting in case of a cut or body injury. It saves from frequent fever, allergy, cures impotency and many more.

  • Red Agate

    Red Agate is a microcrystalline variety of chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz family. The beautiful mineral is found across the globe, namely Mexico, India, United States, Germany, Italy, Brazil, China and Africa. Red Agate is a stone of creativity, sexuality, vibrant energy, will power and passion in love. It is also helpful in preventing frequent illness.

  • Red Onex

    It is also a semi-precious stone from the Quartz family, a mineral variety of chalcedony. Red Onyx relieves from extensive physical or mental stress. It helps in promoting vigor, confidence, self-control and stamina. Also is a useful in healing wounds, treating eye problems, cellular regeneration etc. This stone can be found in United States, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Brazil, and Madagascar.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the effect of the substitutes same as that of the Red Coral?

    No. All these stones look similar and have similar astrological properties, but the benefit will be lesser as compared to Red Coral. The duration of achieving the desirable outcome from substitutes also increases.

  • Should the weight of the substitute be the same as the Red Coral recommended to me?

    No, the substitute should be worn in large weight as compare to the main gemstone. For example: Red Coral is advisable to be worn in weights from 3 carats to 8 carats. The substitute should always be heavier than that of the original weight advised by the astrologer.

  • Can I replace the substitute stone in the future with Red Coral?

    Yes, according to our policy you can replace the substitute with the original gemstone. You can see here for our policy:

http://www.gempundit.com/privacy-policy. One can always buy the natural gemstones or the substitutes online from GemPundit.com.

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