Astrological Benefits of Red Coral Stone

Publised on Oct 11,2013

Red coral is associated with Mars (Mangal), the fourth planet of the universe. Also known as Moonga, the gemstone helps in minimizing the negative effects of the planet. The blood-red colored coral stone is in huge demand for its astonishing impact on the wearer. The change can be realized in all spheres of life.

Summary :

Gemstone Red Coral
Other Names Moonga(Hindi)
Hardness on Moh's Scale 7-7.5
Category Marine skeleton, Spicules of Calcium Carbonate
Ruling Heavenly Body Mars (Mangal)
Origin Italy, Japan

What are the benefits of wearing Red Coral stone?

  1. One feels energetic, strong willed and confident while performing any sort of task in daily life. The Red Coral stone makes the wearer dynamic, energetic and confident in due course of time.
  2. The cosmic yellow color reflected by Red Coral is related to the spinal system including blood, lymph nodes, bone marrow and the head. The gemstone heals numerous diseases related to the immune system as well. It helps cure smallpox, fever, jaundice, blood diseases, anaemia, typhoid, bile problems and many more.
  3. Red Coral develops winning qualities in the wearer and makes them assertive. It is beneficial for professional growth in various fields such as surgeons, policeman, soldiers etc. It also helps in enhancing the self-confidence and administrative capabilities of the wearer.
  4. The stone brings harmony in family life and enhances charm in marital life. Red coral is also able to prevent miscarriages if used after three months of pregnancy. If someone is worried about the marriage or the job of their children, Red Coral is known to resolve all their worries.
  5. A special magical effect of the stone is that it works as an indicator for forthcoming misfortune. The color changes if the wearer is about to suffer from illness in future.

Who should wear a Red Coral gemstone?

According to Hindu mythology, the stone is worn to please the planet Mars (Mangal). It is beneficial for people with zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. The red planet Mars is known as the leader of the planets in the solar system. Hence, the stone bears qualities of a leader and imparts the same into its wearer. [Click To Know Red Coral Properties]

When is the best time to wear Red Coral Stone?

One should wear the stone on a Tuesday morning, preferably one hour after sunrise. It should be worn on the ring finger or index finger of the right hand as advised by the astrologer.

Which metal should be used to wear Red Coral Stone?

It can be worn with a talisman set of gold or silver.

Which Red Coral Stone variety is better for astrological purpose?

Natural Red Coral from the warm waters of Italy is considered to be the best.

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