How To Wear A Red Coral

Publised on Oct 06,2015

A Red Coral or moonga, as it is called in Hindi, cuts down the malefic effects of the Planet Mars. As a result, various career and life obstacles are side-lined to ensure smooth professional advancements. Its health wise benefits are also very well known, as it is known to cure several serious ailments related to blood. To ensure all these benefits, it is advised that one follows the following guidelines.

How To Wear Red Coral:

The Moonga or Red Coral gemstone can be made into a ring or a pendant with gold, silver or in panchdhatu. This ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand on a Tuesday Morning during Shukla Paksha before sunrise.

Red Coral

To prepare the ring or the pendant for wearing, place it at the bottom of a metal bowl and add the following one by one:

  • Ganga Jal
  • Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil)
  • Unboiled cow’s milk
  • Honey
  • Ghee (clarified butter)

Recite the following mantra 108 times,

“Om Bhram Bhreem Bhroom Sah Bhomay Namah”

The ring/pendant can then be immediately taken out of the bowl and cleaned with water and worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

Since the gemstone market is flooded with fakes, it is very important to have an eye for genuine gemstones. Below we list out some of the striking characteristics of an authentic Red Coral gemstone.

Characteristics Of A Good Red Coral

  • Smoothness of surface and absence of any cracks.
  • The gemstone should be single shaded.
  • Absence of spots or any such flaws.

A Red Coral gemstone can be easily worn as a ring or in a pendant to gain the maximum astrological benefits. Otherwise, this precious gem also makes beautiful jewelry like earrings and necklaces.

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