Lucky Stone for Aries

Publised on Dec 21,2013

Auspicious Gemstone for Aries

It is the zodiac sign for people who are born between 21st March and 20th April of every year. It is the first of the 12 zodiac signs. Aries people are generally outgoing and very energetic.

Moon sign:

There are a number of gemstones which are very beneficial for Aries. So to classify, we can say that you can check your moon sign. If your moon sign is Aries then Red coral will surely be beneficial for you.


The following blog informs you about the auspicious gemstone that should be used by people who have Aries as their zodiac signs along with the benefit of wearing this gemstone.

  • Astrological sign:Aries
  • Lucky Color:Red & Orange
  • Lucky Day:Tuesday
  • Lucky Number:1 & 4
  • Ruling Planet:Mars

General Characteristics of Aries Natives:

Aries natives are very aggressive. They have good leadership qualities and courage. Excitement about something new is very common among Aries. They have fire element, they are fearless and are more like warriors. Natives of Aries like Red color. They are good hearted, energetic, enthusiastic, disciplined, confrontational, arrogant, muscular and rich in sexual power.

Gemstones for Aries:

Red Coral and Orange Coral are the gemstones that are beneficial for Aries natives.

Red Coral Red Coral
Gemstone for Aries Aries and Gemstones

Facts about Red Coral

There are a few things which are important to be known about Red Coral. The points are listed below: Red Coral Benefits:

which are important to be known about Red Coral. The points are listed below: Red Coral Benefits: It directly influences Mars and makes it more powerful in your horoscope. It is also known to removes malefic effect of Mars. There are many people who are aggressive in nature. Red Coral is very beneficial for such people because it removes aggressiveness if worn properly. It helps people in reducing blood related problems too. Astrologically Best Red Coral- As per astrology, Italian Red Coral is best for use and then Japanese Red Coral.

When to wear

Red Coral should be worn in those cases when the influence of Mars is weak in your Horoscope. It is also beneficial if Mars is debilitated in your Kundli (birth chart). If Mars and Saturn both are in one house, even then you can wear a Red Coral. It helps in reducing the ill effects and improving the positive effects of Mars.

Metal to be worn in:

A Red Coral is generally worn in Gold. If you are not using gold, then you can use Panchdhatu. In very rare cases, silver is considered to be suitable for wearing Red Coral.

Remedies for Aries:

Those who are looking for remedies can wear Red Coral, Orange Coral and Red Coral with Pearl.

Health Problems that get solved:

Headaches and Migraines are two main problems that get solved. Apart from this, all problems related to lower back; kidney, bone marrow and Jaw get solved if Red Coral is worn.

Marriage Problem:

There are many people who have problems in finding their spouse. This can be due to Manglik Dosh or Unfavorable combination of any planet with Mars. If Mars is sitting in your marriage house and produces malefic effects, your marriage may get postponed or delayed. All these problems can be solved by wearing Red Coral.

Substitutes of Red Coral:

Conch shell and Conch Pearl are two substitutes of Red Coral. These gemstones are available in wide varieties on many online stores at very reasonable prices. The online stores sell best quality gemstones which can help you in changing your life for the better. You can browse the collection and buy a gemstone for yourself, directly from your home !

Personalised Gemstone Consultation

GemPundit has a team of learned astrologer who will guide you in choosing the most suitable astrological gemstones on the basis of your birth-details.

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