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White Sapphire Stone Properties

Published on Dec 16, 2013

What is White Sapphire?

A perfect substitute to diamonds, white sapphire gemstone has also been an imperial choice for generations. The entire sapphire family is said to possess heavenly powers to protect the wearer and bestow him with all earthly pleasures. It is composed of mineral corundum also called as aluminium oxide.
White sapphire is the purest form of corundum without the traces of any element. This renders its white color or rather colorless appearance. It is quite rare to find a natural white sapphire though it can be heated to obtain this color in corundum. It is an inexpensive gem which is quite preferred for making jewelry. Its metaphysical properties have always been appreciated and used by the regal as well. This induced its use in making talisman for protection against evil forces.

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white sapphire

White Sapphire properties:

  • This member of Corundum family has no visible traces of any element and thus it is usually colorless.
  • The white color is added to it by either heat treatment or irradiation in a lab. Naturally white colored sapphires are rather rare in nature.
  • It is related to planet Venus but infuse the cosmic properties of both Venus and Jupiter. As such, it bestows love, prosperity, beauty, and fortunes on its possessor.
  • By opening the Crown chakra, white sapphire brings wisdom and clarity of mind. It also strengthens the spiritual concord and lead on the path of resurrection of one’s identity.
  • It inculcates the sense of appreciation for the beauty and reinstates the balance of body and mind.
  • White Sapphire acts as a cleanser to detoxify the body as well as emotions. It reduces the pessimism and enhances mental peace with harmony and joy.
  • This gemstone helps you to recognize your talent and pursue your aspirations as well. It eliminates the destructive habits and stimulates objectivity and morality in the wearer.
  • White Sapphire also possess numerous healing properties and assist in curing ailments related to pituitary glands, migraine, epilepsy, skin related issues and central nervous system. It regulates blood circulation.
  • Its ability to absorb the energy of sun and disperse it within the spaces inside the house makes White Sapphire an important component in Feng Shui as well.
  • This gemstone make you stand apart from others. It also promotes self confidence and self esteem by opening Crown or Sahashara chakra.
  • It enhances the happiness and affection in married life. It is an effective gemstone that provides astrological benefits to the wearer if worn in appropriate size and manner.

Gemstone White Sapphire Moonstone
Other Names Safed Pushkraj
Birthstone Gemini
Planet Venus
Zodiac Libra, Tauras
Hardness on Moh’s Scale 9
Specific Gravity 3.95- 4.03
Lustre Vitreous
Category Corundum
Refractive index 1.762- 1.770
Metal to Wear in Silver, Gold, Platinum
Colors Colorless, shades of light yellow
Chakras Crown Chakra
Origin Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar

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