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White Sapphire Stone Benefits

Published on Dec 16, 2013

White Sapphire, the stone for planet Venus (Shukra)exudes class, panache, and beauty. The White, untainted version of this Corundumfamily gemstone is considered pure and highly beneficial for the wearer. It is also termed as the most significant substitute for diamond due to the strong physical resemblance that it bears to it. (Click Here to See: White Sapphire Properties )

Gemstone White Sapphire
Other Names Safed Pukhraj, Safed PushkaRaj, Colorless Sapphire
Hardness on Moh's Scale 9
Zodiac Libra, Gemini
Category Corundum
Ruling Heavenly Body Venus (Shukra)
Origin Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Australia, Tanzania, Madagascar

What are the benefits of wearing White Sapphire?

  • The cosmic powers of Venus are strengthened by wearing this gemstone. This enhances cordial relationships through increased affection and love. Venus also influences the artistic talents, creativity, and wisdom in life. Thus wearing this wonderful stone increases these abilities in an individual.
  • It is believed that this stone is protects from evil and a premature demise of the possessor. The susceptibility to ill intentions, severe diseases, black magic, and imbalance are eradicated by wearing White sapphire gemstone.
  • This gemstone negates the effects of bad luck and ill feelings to bring along the fortunes, fame, and wealth to its wearer.
  • White Sapphire stone stimulates the crown chakrain the body which leads to strengthened blood vessels with better immune and nervous system. It also heals the problems related to thyroid and pituitary glands. Problems like migraine, epilepsy, hair fall, amnesia,and depression are reduced with the proper use of this strong gemstone.
  • It fortifies the reproductive system and is generally recommended for pregnant women for a comfortable delivery of a healthy child.
  • White Sapphire stone is extremely beneficial for businessmen and professionals who have entered their respective fields with zeal to excel and succeed.
  • It induces vitality and activates all energy centres in the body. It cleanses them with its brilliant properties and inundates joy in the life of its possessor
  • White Sapphire induces spirituality in an individual and places him/her on higher spiritual strata. It helps the wearer connect with the divinity and imbibe a sense of gratitude, harmony and self respect. By enhancing the psychic powers, it also aids in annulling fears and negativities from the mind.

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