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Emerald Gemstone Treatments

Published on Oct 17, 2013

Emerald Gemstone Treatments

Emerald is one of the precious gemstones on earth. The stone is adored by all for its beauty and gorgeous color. After mining, the gemstone undergoes some treatments to enhance the physical properties like color, clarity, cut, durability and transparency. Small cracks or tiny fractures of the gemstones are filled with numerous substances to provide a perfect finish. Mentioned below is the description of the processes and the materials used for treating Emerald Stone

Emerald Stone

Cedar Wood Oil
This is one of the most commonly used methods for treatment of Emerald. After being mined from various regions across the globe, the rough gemstone is put into a barrel of cedar oil. The oil is then allowed to enter into the fractures on the surface of the stone. This helps in reducing the visible fractures or cracks on the crystalline structure. The imperfection finally disappears when oil is pressurized inside the stone.

Palm Resin
Instead of cedar oil many countries started using Palm Resin for filling the cracks in the gemstone. However, the treated stone tends to give a milky white appearance just after few months.

The gemstone can also be treated or filled with a plastic material called Opticon. Such method was first carried out in Brazilian emeralds in the 1980's. The inclusions were filled with opticon which made the green color of Emerald more attractive. However, in due course of time i.e., after few years the gemstone may turn yellowish.

The process is also known as gemstone branding. In this method small cracks and fractures of Emerald are filled with Gematrat. The refractive index of Gematrat is quite close to that of natural emerald. This is an improvement on opticon and prevents the gemstone from turning into yellow. The extensive treatment process takes a long time (few weeks or months) to produce perfectly finished emeralds.

The process refers to filling fractures and cracks in the gemstone using epoxies. It helps in enhancing the clarity, luster and look of the stone. It is not used very frequently as compared to Cedar oil process.

Jorban is green colored oil that is commonly used in the Indian market. This oil is used to fill the fissures in the stone giving it a spellbound green color.

Paraffin is usually used in Africa for treating emeralds. It is normally used in the form of oil or wax.

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