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Emerald Stone Properties

Published on Oct 05, 2013

Gemstone Emerald
Hindi Name Panna
Moh's Scale 7.5-8
Colors Green
Origin India, Afghanistan, USA, Pakistan, Australia, Italy
Ruling Planet Mercury
Metal to wear with Gold

Detailed Properties of Emerald

    • One of the finest creations of Mother Earth presented to human beings is an Emerald Stone. This sensuous emerald gemstone is a kind of Beryl mineral, whose mining dates back to 330 B.C. in Egypt.
    • The mining and extraction of this gemstone take place in the Countries, namely, India, Italy, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Russia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Austria and numerous more. Columbia holds the place of the largest producer of Emerald across the globe, constituting about 50% up to 95% of the World's Emerald production.

  • Emerald or Panna stone is one of the most exquisite and magnificent stones. This stone is a Beryl mineral by its origin and contains traces of vanadium or chromium, responsible for its lustrous green color.
  • The Emerald gets its name from a Greek word Smaragdus, which stands for Green (color). The hardness of this precious stone on Moh's Scale varies from 7.5 to 8 on a scale of 10.
  • Extraction of these Emerald stones is mainly done in Colombia, which is up to 95% of World's total production. Chivor, Muzo and Coscuez are the three main mining areas from which these Emeralds are extracted in Colombia. The Kagem mines at the river Kafubu, Zambia hold the second place for the production of Emeralds.
  • Due to their lower value of hardness on the Moh's scale, these Emeralds have numerous inclusions and fissures on their surface. Availability of naturally occurring flawless Emeralds is quite rare and hence make them flawless, add-on to their beauty, clarity and luster, these gemstones undergo an oiling treatment. Cedar oil (natural) and Opticon oil (synthetic) are mainly used to beautify these stones.

This alluring and entrancing gemstone is known for ages for its eye catching beauty and various uses & benefits. Used in ornaments to enhance the looks of the wearer, this stone benefits the wearer in various manners. [Click To Know Emerald Stone Substitute ]


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