Zircon Stone Benefits

Publised on Dec 14,2013


This blog gives you all the information about the spiritual and the astrological benefits of wearing the Zircon stone.

Gemstone : Zircon
Birthstone : December
Mohs Scale Hardness : 6.5-7.5
Ruling Planet : Venus
Density : 3.93-4.73
Refractive Index : 1.810-2.024 Colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Brown, Pink, Purple and Grey.
Transparency : Transparent
Places where found : Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, Tanzania, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What are the astrological benefits of Zircon?

Zircon is a widely known gemstone which is often used as a substitute for diamond. It is a beautiful gemstone and is available in a number of colors. Its wide variety of color has made it a popular choice for making jewelry. You can make rings, pendants and many other forms of jewelry with zircon. The sheen of this gemstone is because of its high refractive index. Apart from all these properties that the stone possesses, it has many spiritual and astrological benefits. It is also known as 'Gold Stone' in Arabic. ( See : Zircon Stone Properties )

  • Zircon GemsZircon Gems

Zircons are not very costly and are easily available. They are very commonly used in imitation jewelries. Its uses are:

    1. It augments physical and mental strength of its wearer and is good for meditation.
    2. It helps in bringing visions and dreams to reality.
    3. It provides physical, emotional and spiritual balance.
    4. It brings abundance and prosperity to the family of the wearer.
    5. Zircon is is a very good stone for women. It helps them get along better with other women and gain superiority.
    6. It provides clear passage to blocked energies in the body and brings overall harmony.
    7. In the matters of Health, Zircon is a blessing to the people who have abdominal problems or diseases of the genitalia or reproductive system.
    8. Zircon helps in curing dizziness and muscle problems.
    9. It can be worn in necklaces, rings, pendants and bracelets. Besides beauty, it brings to the wearer auspicious circumstances leading to the purchase of a vehicle like a car (Venus is 'Vaahan-Kaarak').
      • Zircon RingZircon Ring

    1. This stone helps in enhancing the memory of the wearer.
    2. It helps in preventing migraine attacks and the weariness that comes with old age.
    3. It helps in healing the lungs, bronchial and general respiratory problems.
    4. It brings peace and purity to the heart.
    5. It is also said to be good for pregnant women and in giving them the strength to give birth.
    6. Zircon makes the wearer inquisitive and increases their interest in science and in the knowledge of the truth.
    7. This stone is known to be beneficial to those who have allergies or are suffering from asthma.
    8. It gives a strong feeling of confidence and strength to the wearer.
    9. It is believed that this stone possesses magical abilities which help in erasing negativity and the feelings of deception from the mind of the person who wears it.
    10. It has been used as a symbol of purity for many years.

These are a few important points that make this a special stone. You can even use a zircon as part of your jewelry. You can buy loose stones as well as jewelries from online stores that specialize in selling zircon.

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