Benefits of Tourmaline Stone


It is one of the most amazing gemstones available in varied hues. Black is the most commonly used color of tourmaline. This semi precious stone has is name derived from a Singhalese word Turmaline meaning a ‘stone with mixed colors’. This name in itself describes the characteristic feature of this wonderful gemstone. It is a rare species of gemstone in which two tourmaline of exactly same color cannot be found. It is an ancient gemstone which has evidences of being used as early as 17th century when it used to be imported by the Dutch from Sri Lanka. Tourmaline in actual is a term given to a group of related minerals. Since those times, this gemstone is believed to possess supernatural and magical powers to ward off the evils and protect its wearer from negativities. Every color of Tourmaline emits distinct properties and benefits for the wearer. So it should be worn with advice from an expert astrologer.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline :
  • It is the most revered talisman of all times used widely as a protection stone for the rituals and for scrying.
  • It brings about positivity in mind and body by eliminating any fear or depression.
  • Black Tourmaline is an electric stone which gets electrically charged when rubbed or heated.
  • It is an excellent gemstone for meditation due to its properties that make it a remarkable grounding stone. It acts as a protective shield or a lightning rod to dispel any negative energy away from the wearer.
  • It stimulates the root chakra to induce good health and increased vitality. It strengthens the immunity and spinal cord while reducing pain of muscles.
  • It is a great stone for artists, writers, athletes, students and also for the people whose profession demands working in challenging environments.
Benefits of Green Tourmaline :
  • Green Tourmaline or Verdelite is the gemstone that possesses great healing properties which strengthens the stamina of the wearer with increased immunity. It strengthens the nervous system to reduce fear of panic attacks and even paranoia.
  • It also encourages the qualities of perseverance and sincerity.
  • It opens the heart chakra and ensures overall health of heart with its detoxifying effects.
  • It is an excellent shamanic gemstone for balancing the masculine aspect with feminine aspects as it carries male energies into it. Also for providing protection and scrying, it is widely used.
  • It cures the illness related to motion and relieves chronic diseases.
  • It stimulates the creative side and brings about success and prosperity in life.
Benefits of Pink Tourmaline :
  • Pink Tourmaline or Rubellite is the most expensive form of Tourmaline loved for its beautiful color resembling that of Rubies. Thus, it is a preferred gemstone for females.
  • It purifies the heart and reduces the mental stress by controlling emotions.
  • It promotes positive energy by eliminating the negativities to bring about peace, harmony, and happiness in life.
  • It is an excellent gemstone for children having any sleep issues due to its soothing effect.

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