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Benefits of Tourmaline Stone

Published on Jan 08, 2014

Summary :  
Gemstone Onyx
Other Names Sulemani Pathar
Specific Gravity :2.65- 2.667
Luster Vitreous, Silky
Moh's Scale 6-7
Colors Black, Orange, Green, Blue, White, Red
Origin Brazil, Uruguay, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Category Oxide Mineral
Signs Ruled Leo

What is Onyx?

Onyx is a gemstone related to Quartz family with hardness over 6 on Moh’s Scale. By balancing the Yin and Yang energies, it promotes self control in a person. This quality of Onyx has made it quite admirable and preferable. Chemical composition of this gemstone shows it to be a banded variety of Chalcedony having multiple colors. Black is the most popularly used color of onyx gemstone. The name of this gemstone is derived from a Greek term which refers to Fingernail and this name is given to it due to the appearance of this gemstone. Its name is also believed to have been taken from an Asyrian word meaning Ring. In early ages, Onyx was used for making pottery in Egypt and also for making jewellery when cut into cabochons.

Onyx Stone Properties:

  • Being a member of oxide mineral family, onyx has silica ingredients like quartz and moganite in high density.
  • Though Black is the most famous color of Onyx, it comes in other hues as well. Often, there are colored bands found on this gemstone and onyx with red bands is known as Sardonyx. These bands in Onyx are formed parallel to each other and they make it look absolutely unique.
  • Onyx is heat treated and even painted for its typical black color. Sardonyx is also treated for creating red and yellow bands in it.
  • This variety of chalcedony has different properties exuded by its different colors like Black Onyx stimulates the Base chakra while Green Onyx works with Heart Chakra.
  • Common Chalcedony and agates are often used for making artificial variety of Onyx. The techniques of making such artificial gemstones have been used since ancient times. These include dyeing along with heating and treating it with nitric acid for obtaining the required hue of this beautiful gemstone.
  • It is cut into cabochons for making beads used in jewellery. It has hexagonal crystal system with uneven fracture.
  • Onyx is a naturally found gemstone but for any industrial or commercial purpose, agate is colored usually for making Onyx.
  • It is highly recommended for athletes, businessmen, technicians, students, and lawyers as it possesses exceptional metaphysical properties that induce the strength and discipline in the wearer.
  • IIt is very effective for crystal healing due to its healing powers. Onyx stone can be charged if placed in a flower pot for overnight along with a rock crystal.

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