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Properties of Moonstone

Published on Jan 04, 2014

Gemstone Moonstone
Other Names Gondata
Specific Gravity 2.61
Luster Pearly to glassy
Moh's Scale 6.0
Colors White, blue, pink, grey, beige, brown, cream
Origin India, Sri Lanka, USA, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, Australia, Burma
Category Feldspar
Signs Ruled Cancer
Metal to Wear in Silver, gold
Planet Moon

What is Moonstone?

Since the earlier stages of civilization, Moonstone has been successfully ruling the hearts of human race. Not only due to its striking appearance but also for its calming and healing properties bestowed upon it by Moon which is the ruling planet of this stone. It is an upratna (Substitute) for pearl or semi precious gemstone which is derived from Feldspar mineral which is quite commonly found on earth. However, the properties possessed by this gem are exceptional and highly beneficial for the wearer. In the earlier times, Greeks and Romans considered Moonstone to be the stone of divinity. It is still a pious gemstone for Indians that has strong cosmic powers within. Due to its power to ignite long lasting love and relationships, it is mostly preferred to be worn in rings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces.

Moonstone Properties:

  • As a Feldspar mineral, Moonstone displays pearly opaque characters and chatoyancy that varies with light.
  • Orthoclase and Albite are the two minerals of Feldspar family that compose Moonstone.
  • The most precious and rare variety of Moonstone is milky colored with a bluish shine in it. The degree of shine ascertains the preciousness of such Moonstones.
  • There is a multicolored variety called rainbow Moonstone which looks absolutely splendid and also preferred in jewelry. It is in fact the Labradorite in a white mold.
  • It is a relatively soft mineral with hardness of around 6.0 on Moh’s scale. As it is delicate, it is cut as cabochon to reflect brilliant sheen.
  • The best quality of Moonstone is mined in Sri Lanka though it is also found in many other countries across the world.
  • It is a 3rd anniversary gemstone which stimulates heart chakra and third eye chakra in our body. It has ability to lead the wearer on path of spirituality with enhanced psychic and inner strength.
  • Adularia Moonstone is mostly transparent grey, silvery white or bluish in shade. Albite, on the other hand, is semi transparent stone which is slightly dull in luster and mined mainly in Canada.
  • It is a support stone for the professionals like artists who can express themselves more effectively with Moonstone. It is also recommended for doctors, health professionals, and those in the technical fields.
  • It is a delicate gemstone vulnerable to sharp objects. So it should be handled with great care for prolonged life.

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