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How Gemstones Should Touch The Skin

Published on Nov 26, 2019

Gemstones have been popular since ages for their beauty and magnificence as well their healing and astrological powers. Gems have the power to increase or decrease the effects of planetary influences and also diminish the effects of certain planets according to one’s birth chart. They can also help get rid of diseases, nightmares and evil spirits

One must choose gems with caution or with the guidance of an expert astrologer because gemstones could affect one’s life negatively if worn incorrectly. The ill effects of planets like Mars, Rahu and Ketu,etc could affect negatively if one wears gems without the knowledge.
Gems can be worn as rings, pendants, ear and nose rings, ear and nose studs as well as amulets. However, apart from rings and pendants, the rest are ineffective since they do not maintain constant contact with the body.

Sun’s rays pass through the stone and enter our bloodstream. Once they get inside our bloodstream, they start balancing and rectifying the energies inside our body (Earth, Air, Water, Fire.) and therefore it is suggested that the gem should touch the skin. This is why rings have an open-back setting, wherein the part that is under the ring is open, letting the gem come in direct contact with the skin.

Although it is believed that translucent gems like diamonds need not touch the skin since the light carries their energy directly into the body, the practical reason behind it is that the setting of diamonds makes it rather hard for it to touch the skin. Furthermore, there are chances that it might irritate the skin, which is why diamonds are set with four pins. However, astrologically speaking, it is suggested that a diamond should have a 40-60% contact with the skin, which is practically difficult.

How to find which Gemstone to wear and when to wear it?

The best way to find out which gemstone suits you and other details regarding gemstones, one should talk to a learned astrologer. Upon seeing one’s birth chart and knowing one’s birth details, i.e, Birth Place, Time and Date, a learned astrologer can easily figure out which gemstone(s) suits the person in correspondence to the planetary motions. Find out which gemstone is suitable for you, Here.

A Horoscope Chart can suggest gemstones based on:

1. Ascendant (Lagna)

2. Moon Sign

3. Navamsha

4. Planetary Positions

Ideally, a gem should be worn on the finger on the day associated with the planet which would respectively magnify or diminish the effects of the particular planet.

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SUNDAY Ruby or Garnet
MONDAY Pearl or Moonstone
TUESDAY Red Coral or Carnelian (for Mars) Cat’s Eye (For Ketu)
WEDNESDAY Emerald, Aquamarine, Peridot or Green Tourmaline
THURSDAY Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Citrine
FRIDAY Diamond or White Sapphire
SATURDAY Blue Sapphire or Hessonite

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Hi there, do blue sapphire, garnet, Amber and amethyst stone need to touch skin for good results?

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