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Birthstone of March- Aquamarine

Published on Feb 08, 2014


The perennial depths of seas can be felt in this amazing gemstone called Aquamarine. Its name has been derived from Latin words “Aqua Marina” referring to “Sea Water”. This gemstone has the crystal blue color of oceans. It is a transparent variety of Beryl mineral family to which Emeralds also belong. Its relation to sea is not limited to its beauty. Rather this stone that reflects youth and optimism was used by sailors in ancient times to ward off the shipwrecks while sailing on the seas. In fact, this gemstone is also closely connected to heart and is believed to arouse true love in the life of wearer.

Aquamarine Stone


It is the birthstone for March for the zodiac sign of Pisces. Those born between February 20 and March 20 are specifically receive the benefits of this remarkable gemstone. It has hardness of 7.5 to 8 on Moh’s scale with specific gravity of 2.6 to 2.8. It represents Planet Venus and stimulates Throat Chakra in body. Aquamarine is also called Berunj or Heliodor and it is found in multiple hues of blue. The color variations from Pale blue to hints of green and darker blue exist due to presence of iron traces in it. Deeper the color, rarer and precious is the Aquamarine.

Origins of Aquamarine

Largest deposits of Aquamarine are found in Brazil. The country mines the most stunning variety of this gemstone called Santa Maria named after the mines of Santa Maria de Itabira. Apart from Brazil, Aquamarine also originates from Africa, Mexico, Australia, Myanmar, USA, and Zimbabwe.

How Aquamarine benefits people born in March?

  • It encourages the qualities like courage, trust, and honesty in the life of wearer.
  • It helps the March born natives to enhance their communication skills with better clarity of mind and awareness.
  • It eases out the feelings of anger and pessimism to replace them with optimism and calmness that it derives from depth of seas.
  • This beautiful stone aids in meditation and gives better self control to those with whom it is associated as a birthstone.
  • It induces new friendship and allies when gifted to someone. It is believed that Aquamarine symbolizes conformity, hope, and strength. It transfers these attributes to its possessor as well.
  • By opening Throat Chakra, Aquamarine helps in curing diseases related to jaws, liver, and kidneys. Its healing powers have always been admired since ages. It pacifies chronic diseases and enhances the stamina with hormonal growth.
  • For marital concord, people born in March can always rely upon this wonderful gemstone which brings harmony in such close relations and prevent their break off.
  • It inspires the qualities like discipline, perception, patience, and compassion in the person wearing Aquamarines in form of exquisite jewelries.
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