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Aurora Pyramid of Hope & 296 Diamonds

Published on Oct 13, 2016

"I invite you to experience a rare view of nature's masterpieces"
- Alan Bronstein (Co-owner of Aurora Pyramid of Hope)

Possession of a precious gemstone is sometimes a wish, many times an obsession and the other times a need. As the popularity or demand of something increases in the market, the chances of getting a copy or imitation of it increases. Be it medicines, jewellery or gemstones. Yellow Sapphire is one of the most valuable and expensive gemstones, possession of which is a matter of pride for an owner. What a shame it will be to get tricked by a vile vendor. We need to be smart customers, and therefore, I am going to give you simple pointers to check if the Yellow Sapphire gemstone you are buying is genuine or an imitation.


The pyramid is known to dazzle under UV lights. This most comprehensive coloured diamond collection has been a reason behind many people skipping a heartbeat looking at the unmatchable brilliance of the diamonds. The pyramid glows under UV rays because of the impurities in the crystals which trap the light. The array of coloured diamonds include blue diamonds, pink diamonds, red diamonds, green diamonds, orange diamonds, purple diamonds, violet diamonds, yellow diamonds, olive diamonds and brown diamonds.


Bronstein calls the structure “a painting made of little drops of high-energy coloured lights glowing from the canvas”. The philosophy behind the chosen pyramid structure resonates with what he further explains as “symbolizing a vortex of energy”.


One of the most interesting diamonds in the collection is the ‘chameleon diamond’. A 2.5-carat, pear-shaped, dark olive-green diamond changed its colour to an intense yellow, and later on resumed its olive green colour. The rare diamonds has been a celebrated and precious find throughout years.


The Aurora Butterfly of Peace is put together by the same gentleman as another ambitious project to collect most astonishing stones at one place. This structure has 240 coloured diamonds which took 12 years of hard-work from the owners. Together these treasured art works cost more than $14 million. Currently, they are on a public display at the Natural History Museum of London.

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