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Pigeon Blood Ruby

Pigeon Blood Ruby Price

Natural Pigeon Blood Red Ruby is rarer than diamonds. It continues to bring top prices in the wholesale trade as well as in auctions. Due to its international demand and high rarity, Pigeon Blood Red Ruby price is determined by assessing each gemstone carefully. Origin, Color Intensity, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight are the major factors influencing Blood Red Ruby value.

Notes - Pigeon Blood Red Ruby price in India begins from Rs 3 Lakh per carat ($4665 approx.) and can go upto Crores per carat and above, depending upon quality and weight.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti. This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

    • Origin

      – Due to its deep, brilliant red hue and relatively superior clarity, Burmese Pigeon Blood ruby price remains higher than rubies of other origin. Stones from Madagascar, Mozambique and Vietnam are usually the next most preferred choices.

    • Color

      –The intensity of color in red ruby stones and its overall brilliance create a notable difference in the Pigeon Blood ruby value. Generally, the stones with strong fluorescence fetch higher premium than stones with no or weak fluorescence. Clarity – Clarity also bears an influence over Blood red ruby prices. Pigeon Blood ruby gemstone with minimum eye visible inclusions are extremely rare. Therefore, one can expect a higher premium for exceptionally clean stones.

    • Clarity

      – Clarity also bears an influence over Blood red ruby prices. Pigeon Blood ruby gemstone with minimum eye visible inclusions are extremely rare. Therefore, one can expect a higher premium for exceptionally clean stones.

    • Cut

      - Rough of high quality Pigeon Blood Red Ruby stones are highly controlled by gem cutters to save maximum carat weight. Typically, a Pigeon Blood ruby cabochon (non-faceted, polished stone) is cheaper than a faceted stone because it retains maximum weight. Blood Red Ruby value increases substantially for gems in symmetrical, well proportionate cut.

    • Cut

      Star ruby stones are densely packed with microscopic rutile inclusions which make them appear translucent to opaque. Opaque gems are mostly cut in cabochon (non-faceted, polished gemstone) to obtain a perfect star effect on the smooth and polished upper surface. As per the gem cutters, a well-shaped dome exhibits a bright and clear star effect and therefore demands a good market value.

    • Carat weight

      – Fine quality Rubies above few carats, are rarely found in nature. Therefore, Pigeon Blood Ruby price per carat increases exponentially when moving beyond two or more carats.

      Sunrise Ruby – Pigeon Blood Ruby of 25.59 carats auctioned at GenevaSunrise Ruby – Pigeon Blood Ruby of 25.59 carats auctioned at Geneva

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Benefits of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Astrologers strongly believe in the metaphysical properties of Ruby gemstone (Manik ratna). According this vedic science,Ruby represents powerful planet Sun and helps the wearer gain positive influence of this planet. Since, Pigeon Blood Rubies bear the finest color and superior clarity, hence considered astrologically, most relevant. Western astrology also recommends ruby gemstone as July Birthstone.

Will Pigeon Blood Red Ruby Suit me? Should I wear a Pigeon Blood Red Ruby?

Find out whether Ruby is right for you, using our Free Gemstone Recommendation Tool or Take an In-depth Phone Consultation with our Astrologers to find the right gemstone for you.

    • Supports Professional & Career Growth

      Ruby gemstone is known to benefit people involved in high authority jobs such as administrative services, diplomacy, politics etc. It is also considered beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams.

    • Enhances Financial Graph

      – Astrological deeply believe that wearing Manik ratan helps to improve the wearer’s financial condition and social status. It further helps people to balance their expenses and luxurious lifestyle.

    • Revitalizes Heart, Bone & Eyes

      – Being associated with Atma-karaka – Sun, Ruby gemstone is known to bear numerous healing properties. It is considered beneficial for people suffering from ailments of circulatory system, eyesight or bones.

    • Improves Paternal Relationships

      – As per sacred vedas, Sun represents father-figure in the Kundli. Hence, it is believed that Manikya stone helps wearer to strengthen relation with father. It improves the father’s weakened circumstances as well.

Note - For astrological reason, one can buy Rubies in other subtle hue, other than Pigeon Blood Red. It is more important to wear a good quality, natural ruby stone with positive feel to gain best result rather than stressing over ruby stone of particular shade or origin. Click here to buy certified, 100% natural Ruby gemstone online at GemPundit.
    • Pigeon Blood Ruby Stone Benefits

Improves Career Growth

Promotes Financial Success

Heals Bone, Eyes & Heart

Strengthens Paternal Relationships

Burma is known universally for producing finest quality ruby gemstone, since sixteenth century. It contributes the major share of Pigeon Blood red rubies available world-wide. Due to the long history of Burma origin in producing high quality pigeon blood red rubies, it is one of the most well prized gem of the world. Due to the reduced supply and high demand, the price of Pigeon Blood Ruby from this origin remains high as people still want a Burma Pigeon Blood Ruby in their collection. Click here to buy Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby for sale at GemPundit .
Pigeon Blood Ruby is a valuable gemstone; hence, it is advisable to purchase these stones only from trusted sellers of the industry. While purchasing a loose Pigeon Blood Ruby gemstone online, it is very important to ask for lab certificates to ensure the quality. GemPundit is one of the leading provider of loose gemstones and colored gemstone jewelry on internet. One can find a decent variety of untreated and unheated Pigeon Blood Red Ruby for Sale, supported by high quality photos and videos. At GemPundit, we also have a hand chosen collection of Burmese Pigeon Blood red rubies online at most competitive prices. For more information, Contact our Customer Support Team


Pigeon Blood Ruby is a highly valuable gemstone. Therefore, it is very important to ensure its genuineness before making a final purchase. At GemPundit, we always provide 100% natural, original ruby gemstones only, along with genuine Lab Certificates (Beware! Fake labs do exist).

Here is some important information regarding the Pigeon Blood Ruby Gem Certificates.

    • Internationally renowned labs like GIA and SSEF have strict requirements for the gemstone to gain the ‘Pigeon Blood Red’ label.
    • GRS is the first and leading issuer of Pigeon Blood Red Ruby reports.


  • GIA mentions the term ‘Pigeon Blood Red’ in the comment section of its report.
  • Amongst all the major gem labs, only AGL refrains from mentioning the ‘Pigeon Blood Red’ term in its report.
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