Orange Sapphire

About Orange Sapphire

Orange sapphire is from the family of Corundum and is believed to originate from Africa, Australia, Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand and US. Orange Sapphire Stone is the birthstone of month September and is associated with Aries, Cancer, Libra and Taurus gemstones. Its unique color and rarity helped this stone in gaining popularity as a gemstone. Orange sapphire loose gemstones are said to activate the energy related to creativity.

It helps people in reveling in their life’s sensory experiences and in expression of artistic truths and ideas. Orange sapphire loose gemstones are said to be connected to the planet Mars, which is the planet of action. One of the most important qualities of an orange sapphire is that it gives strength of purpose which helps in standing firm in opposition. Owing to their creative nature, they are most beneficial to actors, writers, singers and artists. They are also good for enhancing sexual desire and fertility. It is beneficial in curing blood disorders and bleeding problems. (See: Orange Sapphire Properties)

Orange sapphire loose gemstones are known for bringing energy to emotions and allow one to be more dynamic, playful, outgoing and full of joy. It helps one in improving their articulation. Orange sapphire is known to be connected with the Second Chakra. So it controls the flow of energy and controls the flow of information from heart to mind. It helps in balancing the ability to be ourselves in any environment. It can be worn in the form of jewelry such as ring, bracelet or pendant. They are priceless beauties and are very sought after stones of the gemstone world. (See: Orange Sapphire Astrological Benefits)

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