Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire is a light to mid green or olive green coloured gemstone variety from the mineral family Corundum.

Who should wear Green Sapphire?

Green Sapphire is a beautiful and comparatively rare variety of Sapphires. Some astrologers believe that it is beneficial for people who have a strong influence of Mercury (Buddh) in their horoscope. Green Sapphires also find use in Jewelry and healing therapy and are generally considered lucky for anyone who wears it.

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Which Green Sapphire Stone Should I Buy

  • Green Sapphire stone should weigh at least 1/12th carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 5 carat+ stone)
  • For Astrological purposes, the stone should preferably have high clarity and few visible inclusions.
  • The gemstone should have pure and uniform colour and be natural, unheated and untreated. 


To buy original Green Sapphire gemstone, contact the GemPundit team via chat, phone or Request a Call Back!
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Green Sapphire Benefits

  • Green Sapphire gemstone is said to improve the wearer’s concentration powers and bring them clear focus and direction in every task they undertake.
  • This gem is said to bring good fortune and positive vibes in the life of its wearer. It clears their mind of negative thoughts which act as an anchor in their life.
  • Green Sapphire stone symbolizes compassion, love and understanding.  It is said to make the wearer more affectionate and accepting towards other people in their surroundings.
  • Green sapphire gem evokes the sympathetic and logical side of the wearer’s personality, helping them understand and appreciate the little things in life.
  • This stone is believed to relieve the wearer’s mind of tension, anxiety and fatigue and restore balance of the body and emotions.


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Green Sapphire Prices

  • Green Sapphire price in India per carat depends upon the Weight (measured in carats or ratti) and the Quality (Clarity, Color and Shape).
  • The price of Green Sapphire varies from Rs 1300 to Rs 26,000 per carat and above, depending upon the quality of the stone.
  • At GemPundit, you can buy original certified, unheated and untreated Green Sapphire stone at best prices.
  • Convert Green Sapphire price per carat into Green Sapphire cost per ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 10,000/ct = Rs 9,000/ratti).


Most gemstone dealers sell heated and treated Green Sapphire gems, thereby not making you get your money's worth. Therefore, do ensure that you get a certification of 100% originality from a trusted Gemological lab when you purchase the gemstone.

At GemPundit, there is a stone for every budget. Our catalogue features Green Sapphires and other healing and therapeutic stones at the best prices.
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Green Sapphire Quality

  • The quality of Green Sapphire depends upon its Color, Clarity and Cut.
  • The stone should preferably have high clarity and transparency and preferably no visible inclusions.
  • The colour of Green Sapphire should be pure and uniform, varying from light yellow-green to medium deep ‘olive’ green colour.

Where Should I Buy Natural Green Sapphire?

When buying Green Sapphire online in the UK, USA, India or anywhere in the world, do ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its originality along with it. Many unscrupulous dealers sell Green Sapphire stones that have undergone heat or radiation treatment. Therefore, insist that your dealer get your Green Sapphire certified from a reputed lab of your choice. Beware! There are many fraudulent labs that give out fake certificates as well. Buying from a company having a larger presence is always better, as a brand is more likely to be particular about the quality of its products and services.

Why You Should Buy From GemPundit?

  • We sell good quality Green Sapphires at affordable costs.
  • We provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Green Sapphire is 100% natural.
  • Also, you can pay using the options of cash on delivery (COD) and monthly EMI.
  • Free shipping for all our products in 9 countries (UK, USA, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Nepal etc) and for all orders worth above Rs 10,000, worldwide. (Read: Shipment Policy)
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