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Colombian Emerald

Colombian Emerald Price

Colombian emerald is a rare and precious gemstone. Therefore, every single factor including its color, clarity, cut and carat weight is carefully analysed to justify Colombian emeralds value in the gem market. Columbian emerald’s international demand, its rarity in a certain shade, the place from where it is purchased also influence its overall worth. We, at GemPundit, always encourage our customers to learn deeply about these quality factors that are helpful in choosing the best quality emerald and ensure a fair purchase.

Note : Colombian emerald price in India starts from ₹ 3200 per carat and can go as far as ₹ 40000 per carat and above, depending upon quality of the stone. (The price in other countries like Dubai or US may differ.)

    • Color – Most of the emerald buyers place greater emphasis on color. Generally, a deep green Colombian emerald stone with evenly distributed color is rare to find and commands a good premium. On the other hand, Colombian emerald prices for too pale or excessive dark pieces decrease substantially.

    • Clarity – The presence of three-phase inclusions (solid, liquid and gaseous bubbles & silky web traps) are common and considered as an important identification mark. But, then also, Colombian emeralds price is determined by the type of inclusions it has and its overall influence on the color. Therefore, the presence of black inclusions, or other contrasting inclusions which are interfering with color, can reduce Colombian emerald cost drastically.

    • Cut – Colombian Panna stone price increases by 20-30% for highly faceted stones due to more wastage of rough involved in the cutting process. The moderate hardness of emeralds also makes the stone vulnerable to damage while cutting, setting and polishing. Even the skilled lapidaries (gem cutters) invest extra time and efforts to design a fancy cut emerald. Therefore, Colombian emeralds in highly faceted fancy cuts are less common and therefore priced exorbitantly. Emerald cut, oval cut and round cut are more preferred as they retain maximum weight and bring out fiery lustre.

    • Carat Weight – Colombian emerald in natural form is found in the deeply hidden mines and break-off easily during the mining process due to its moderate hardness. Finding a top-quality Colombian Panna in large size is a tough nut to crack. Therefore, Colombian emerald price per carat escalates steeply if the size increases without compromising the color and clarity.

Gemstone prices in India are calculated both in Carats as well as Ratti. Since carat is bigger unit, Colombian emerald stone price per carat appears slightly highly than Colombian Panna price per Ratti in India. 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carats

Columbian Emerald Mines

Muzo, Chivor, Coscuez, La Pita and Penas Blancas are the most important Colombian emerald mines from where the finest quality emeralds are resourced world-over. Due to the difference in geographical conditions, emerald discovered from one mine is slightly different from the another in terms of color and clarity. The determination of origin at the level of mine from which gemstone originated is not done even by internationally recognised gem testing laboratories like GIA and Gubellin. However, certain knowledgeable gem traders who have past experience of buying emeralds in Colombia, can figure out the mining location on the basis of minor physical differences.

Muzo Emerald Mine – Situated in the north-westerly line (Emerald Belt) from the capital city Bogota, Muzo mines are amongst the oldest source of emeralds. As per the gem traders, Muzo emeralds display pleasant warm, green hue with the hints of yellow.

Chivor Emerald Mines – Situated in the north-east of capital city Bogota, Chivor is another ancient emerald mining location. Emeralds from Chivor are famous for their light bluish green hue and far fewer inclusions than the stone of any other Columbian mine.

Colombian Panna Muzo mine emerald (Pic credit– Published in The City Paper Bogota)

Coscuez Emerald Mine – Gemmologists believe that emeralds from Coscuez mine tend to have bright green hue with a slight yellowish undertone. They are comparatively more translucent and have minor cracks and fissures.

La Pita Colombian Emerald Mine – Located in the western belt of Colombia, La Pita is amongst the largest emerald resource of this state contributing nearly 80% of the total emeralds mined from this geological origin.

Other Small Mines – Apart from the above-mentioned mines, some smaller and less popular emeralds mines are also discovered in Colombia. But the Colombian emerald crystals found in these mines are of slightly lower quality.

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Colombian Panna Benefits

Emeralds are globally worn as a fashion jewelry stone but its astrological significance is also no less. Due to the rich coloration and fair transparency of Colombian Emerald, astrologers strongly recommend natives to wear emerald of Colombian origin to get the desired results.

  • For Financial, Intellectual and Creative Growth – Being associated with Mercury - the planet of intelligence, Colombian Panna gemstone is considered quite effective to improve wearer’s memory, thinking ability and creative instincts. Therefore, people involved in banking, media, artistic pursuits are strongly suggested to wear this gemstone for better outcomes.

  • Improved Communication Skills – In vedic astrology, Mercury is regarded as the Vaani-karaka. Therefore, it is believed that wearing an original Colombian Panna stone benefits native suffering from speech-related disorders and low self-confidence. As per the astrologers, Colombian emerald stone benefits people involved in mass interaction such as PR, Journalism etc in improving their thoughts and expressions.

  • Soothes Skin & Nerves – Ancient sages and saints have connected the green hue of emerald with vitality and rejuvenation. Indian astrologers also trust in Panna stone healing energies and recommend this gemstone for individuals suffering from skin, eye and ear related ailments. This gemstone is also considered beneficial for people suffering from allergies or any nervous disorder.

    • Colombian Emerald Stone Benefits:

Promotes Financial Growth

Ideal for Artist, Photographers & Bankers

Improves Intellect & Oratory skills

Rejuvenates Health

Colombian emerald is the finest and most valuable variety of emerald gemstone resourced from the mines of Colombia. Situated in the continent of South America, Colombia is known for its deeply hidden emerald mines that supply rich green colored emeralds in the global market. The three-major deposit of Colombian emeralds includes Muzo, Coscuez and Chivor. These emerald mines are mostly located in the eastern portion of Andes Mountains, also regarded as the ‘Emerald Belt’. This geological origin positively effects the physical attributes of this gemstone making the emeralds rich green, fiery bright and comparatively more transparent than other origins. Since most of the Colombian emeralds qualify the vedic standard (superior color and high clarity); therefore, is considered highly effective for astrological purposes as well. At, GemPundit, we have a decent inventory of Colombian emeralds for sale resourced from the authentic mining locations in different shapes and sizes.
Color is the most influential factor that determines the price of emerald gemstone. The most desirable emeralds exist in pure, evenly distributed, bright green color with no color zoning visible to the eyes. Colombian emerald is considered as the most sought-after variety because stones from this origin are phenomenal green in color and more transparent. The superior quality Colombian emeralds are amongst the most desirable and expensive gemstone of the world. The purity of the green color is well-displayed even in the light-green stones from this origin. On the other hand, Zambian emerald appears slightly bluish-green. Zambian emerald appears dark green rather than deep green as the color intensity increases. It’s value thus drops substantially. This is the reason why Colombian emerald usually demands a better market value in comparison to Zambian emerald.
Emeralds and Sapphires belong to completely different mineral families. On one hand, emeralds, Colombian or otherwise, are nearly impossible to find without visible inclusions while on the other hand Sapphires can be found in eye clean form. This is a nature of the gemstone mineral itself. Sapphires belong to the Corundum family whereas emeralds are from Beryl family. GIA, the leading educational body and laboratory on gemstones, defines emeralds as a Type III clarity gemstone which is almost always included. The same organisation defines Sapphires as a Type II clarity gemstone, which is "usually included". Hence, gemstone buyers strongly prefer the colour in emeralds to determine their value. A good colour can hide the inclusions easily. However, the price for such pieces increases exponentially. At GemPundit, we advise our buyers not to expect an eye-clean emerald, and if they find one in our inventory, then not to miss such an amazing buy!
The astrological effects of a natural emerald will depend largely on its colour, clarity, carat weight. Till these parameters are being met, original emeralds from any mine will give good results. Hence, for top quality emeralds, Colombian and Zambian ones give similar results. However, in lower grade emeralds, one may be caught between selecting a light-coloured Colombian emerald and a dark Zambian emerald. In that case, Colombian will be preferable as it is likely to be purer green with nearly no bluish tints and display comparatively high clarity which altogether assists its astrological properties. The Zambian emerald may be darker but lacks purity in green hue due to the slightly bluish or black overtones. Additionally, it may have lower transparency and some unwanted inclusions. If the Zambian emerald does not have these problems, then the Zambian emerald would be better. In 90% cases though, it probably suffers from one of those issues, and hence the lighter Colombian emerald may be a better choice to go with. The difference, however, is not significant, so if you feel strongly about one particular origin, go ahead with that!

Lab Certificates – Colombian Emerald

Green Colombian IGIGreen Colombian IGI Certificate Green Gubellin Green Gubellin Certificate Muzo green GRS Muzo green GRS Certificate Pastel-Green-GRS-Star-Ruby Pastel Green GRS Certificate Vivid Green C-Dunaigre Star Ruby Vivid Green C-Dunaigre Vivid Green GRS Vivid Green GRS Certificate


Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!




Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

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276 Products