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Muzo Emeralds – World’s Best Quality Emeralds

Published on Apr 24, 2018

Muzo emerald is an exclusive variety of Emerald sourced from the Muzo emerald mine of Colombia. The world knows Colombia is by far the leading producer of finest quality emeralds gemstone and Muzo is the prime emerald mining location in Colombia. In Colombia, Muzo mines are situated 60 miles in the northeast of Bogota. This mining zone is located in a corner of Boyacá region, lying in the Andes Mountain. Amongst all the popular mines of emerald, Muzo mine has been known for the finest quality of emeralds it produces. This region is exploited since the colonial times, but it’s still one of the richest resources of emerald, world-over. These mines are also counted amongst the oldest emerald source known.

At present, the mining process to extract Muzo emerald stone - Colombia, is carried out in five different galleries. The four vertical mines include Catedral, Tequendama, Puerto Arturo and Volvere. Out of these four, Puerto Arturo is the oldest gallery. The fifth gallery is La Rampa which is spiral-bored, and, it is 1,300 feet underground.

Muzo Emeralds
Muzo Emerald Colombian

How to Identify Muzo Emeralds?

The determination of origin at the level of mine from where the gemstone is originated, can’t be done even by the internationally recognised gem testing laboratories. However, certain knowledgeable gem traders, having good experience of buying emeralds in Colombia, can figure out the mining location by carefully assessing the minor physical differences.

  • Muzo
    Muzo Emerald Rough

Within the gem trade, Muzo emerald - Colombia is known for its warm, pleasant green hue that contains slight tints of yellow. The color of this emerald is neither too bluish nor too yellowish. This exclusive variety is identified by its color and size. As per the gem experts, Muzo Colombian emeralds do not have an outstanding clarity. But, some top gem quality Muzo emerald have shown exceptional clarity which is usually expected from emerald from Chivor mine or Gachala mine in Colombia

  • Muzo
    Colombian Emerald extracted from Muzo mine

Without getting too swept by the geology, let’s discuss more on Muzo emerald’s gemological traits. These precious green gemstones belong to the Beryl mineral family and bear a characteristic silky, rich green hue due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. Since, a long time, Muzo mine is recognised for producing luster-filled, vibrant green emeralds, coveted by the Mughal emperors, Renaissance princes and Ottoman Sultans. These gemstones share an equal reputation with world’s most precious gemstone varieties such as rubies of Mogok, Sapphires of Kashmir and Diamonds of Golconda. The uniqueness of natural Muzo mine Colombian emerald lies in its extraordinary size, exceptional transparency and mesmerising green hue.

Where to buy Muzo emeralds online?

When looking for the finest quality emerald, nothing can surpass the excellence of Muzo emeralds. Due to its superior quality and immense popularity, Muzo emerald, Colombia has now gained a brand reputation. In the market, the prices of Colombian emerald increase further when traders link it with Muzo mine. Sometimes, Muzo emerald prices can even beat the value of expensive diamonds and some other precious colored gemstones.

But unfortunately, even the most renowned gem testing laboratories cannot determine the origin of gemstone at the mine level. Even the big dealers of gem industry who source emerald directly from Colombia, can’t figure out the difference between Colombian Muzo emerald and emeralds from other mines. This is because the gems usually get mix during the sorting process. Analysing the difference in color, clarity and average size of gem may provide a rough idea about the mine. However, these verbal claims are not good enough to draw a high Colombian Muzo emerald price from the buyers. At GemPundit, we believe in ethical gem dealing, hence, we never make claims which can’t be proved via authentic certification.

But some fraudulent dealers of the industry dupe the customers by selling Colombian emeralds as Muzo emerald in India without any valid proof. Being a responsible gem selling, we always discourage such practices and advise our buyers to get their gemstone certified before making the purchase.

At GemPundit, we have showcased a decent inventory of certified, 100% natural Colombian emeralds online for sale. But we never claim to provide Colombian Muzo emeralds for sale online because we can’t prove the origin in documents. In case, our buyer finds a Colombian emerald that closely appears like a Muzo emerald, it will be a matter of luck and one should never miss out such an amazing deal!

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