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Leo And Gemstones

Published on Jan 27, 2016

In terms of its might, Lion is often honoured as the king of the jungle. Its grandeur accompanied with their sense of responsibility makes them the leader of the pack. Among the humans, these traits are often shared by the Leo born natives, as they exhibit impeccable bravery, superiority and sovereignty. There is always a high chance that the Leo born achieves some extraordinary feats. As the Lord of this sign is Sun, this drives the Leo born to take command of any circumstances and their presence commands esteem and attention. And just like a king, Leo born has a big heart, generous.

According to Hindu classical texts:

सिंहलग्ने समुद्भूतो भोगी शत्रुविमर्दनः |
स्वल्पोदरोऽल्पपुत्रश्च सोत्साही गजविक्रमः||

Those born under this sign enjoy life, achieves triumph over enemies, and are full of passion and eagerness, and have the strength of an elephant. They have been often seen to have little appetite and prefer having fewer kids.

Big Heart

This sign is often considered to be the epitome of selflessness and those who are born in this need very little for their livelihood but for them the recognitions for their efforts is of utmost vitality. Taking care of their reliant is a trait which makes them unique. They are the fatherly figure in the family and they are will never shirk from their responsibilities at the time of any crisis. Leo men are truly amazing human beings and they are like a blessing to their families.

Centre of Attraction

There are very high chances that the man standing right in the middle of a room with people around him is of Leo sign. In astronomy all planets are moving around Sun, so the Leo born natives care for being the one attracting the attention of the whole assembly. A Leo man likes to be in control of every group.


They have a super fragile ego. You will see the fierce, dramatically violent nature of this sign if you try to dominate him. If a person ignores them, this is more than enough to annoy a Leo born. Otherwise, he is the most caring and well-mannered person you could ever meet.

Professional Sector

Leo born natives work very hard and climb the ladder of success in their professional lives. With perseverance and hard work, they rise high in terms of wealth by rising above the social and economic level at which they were born. The only reason which may prove to be an obstruction in their growth is their stubborn attitude. It has been noted that they attract enemies who are always ready to attack their seat of power. To remove negativity from their professional life, they are often suggested to wear a combination of Opal with fire and Red Coral. These two gemstones together can help the wearer to advance ahead in his career.

Married Life

They are sincere and dominating lovers. Although committed to their marriage, due to higher levels of aggression, the Leo natives may commit destructive acts, resulting in destabilizing the relationship. Superiority complex is often the cause for friction and discord between the couple. An astrological Yellow Sapphire gemstone will enhance the ability of realization and create a benefic influence over marital life. A Yellow Sapphire represents the Guru and through proper knowledge one can subdue this violent nature.


As this is one of the most charismatic rashi chakra among all and it is only natural that the Leo born natives make a charming life partner and an over-caring parent. Leo is quite a trustworthy and family oriented sign, so parenting comes, somewhat naturally to them.

The problem with their kids arises as soon as they become adolescent. As a fire (अग्नि) sign, there’s a tendency to become overzealous, therefore, they must give their kid some space to develop their own identity without imposing their own traits. There are high chances of agitation and anger when things do not go in accordance with them. This may cause a break in the relationship, leading to a state of depression. Wearing a combination of Ruby and Yellow Sapphire is considered to be quite good for a healthy relationship with children.

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Team GemPundit

posted on May 18,2019
My d.o.b 10.04.1982.time 4.30pm sir accorinding to vedic astrology which gemstone should i wear currently o am wearining pukraj 8 rati in gold and cats eye

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posted on May 17,2019