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Aquarius And Gemstones

Published on Feb 19, 2016

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac chart. This zodiac sign has a mix of both elements of air as well as the earth. Whether we consider the Indian, European, Egyptian, Chaldean, Assyrian or any other system of Astrology, Aquarius has been universally related to a pitcher with or without water flowing out of it. Indian scriptures have described Aquarius as a man holding a water pot. In most of the cases, they have been depicted as a man of middle stature, well built and strong, having a round and handsome face, with broad cheeks. Veins are quite prominently visible.

According to the Hindu Classical texts

मेधावी हस्तिघोटकधनेश्वरः|
दन्तपीड़ायुक्तः स्नेहशून्यः ||

They are sparkling, brilliant, possess wealth like horses and elephants, but often project a frosty behaviour and suffer from oral issues.

Sharp Intellect

Native born under the water bearer sign is often seen to be extremely sharp minded. It may not be wrong to refer them as a mastermind. An Aquarian has a very fertile mind that needs to be constantly fed with new knowledge. Having a conversation with an Aquarian is always interesting as they share new and useful information every time they speak. One is bound to learn a lot by remaining in their company.

Radical in Custom

For the Aquarian, there is always a scope for change. They are born thinkers with a very logical approach towards rituals. Due to this unconformist attitude, they are often mistaken for protestants. They stand for the welfare of mankind. In short, an Aquarian, by all means can be regarded as a true leader.

Professional Field

Aquarius born explores his career options with complete liberty and they always try to do something new so as to build a new trend and to let the world follow into their footprints. In trading, Aquarius borns have a good chance of getting success as they are visionary and proceed with an optimistic approach. They are good planners but in terms of execution of their ideas, they falter as this is clearly not one of the feathers in their cap. They clearly need to have more patience and should not get easily bored if the task or assignment is recurring in nature. Improvement in this zone can make them brilliant in the professional sector. White Sapphire and Red Coral combination can be used as gem therapy.

Married Life/ Romantic Life

Friendliness is one of the most remarkable and characteristic traits of this sign. They are very innovative in expressing their love. They are intellectual by nature and look for an equally intellectually endowed partner. They would generally fall for a practical and independent person. They are nondramatic characters who are in often in need of isolation and detachment. Such behavior may cause serious issues in married life. To avoid such conflicts, they should wear White Sapphire and Emerald combination. White Sapphire represents the energy of Venus and Emerald represents Mercury. By wearing white sapphire romance, and through Emerald wittiness and humor will help you in keeping the relation alive.

Kid Zone

Aquarians treat their children just like their friends. They are very open with them and would offer complete freedom, without enforcing any kind of limitation. But such freedom has its downside as they fail to discipline the kids. Somebody’s got to be the authority figure and setting rules keeps the children safe because it makes them aware of their limits. It encourages them to become a law abiding citizen of the future. For better parenting, blue sapphire enhances a balanced personality in an Aquarian.

Birth Stone Blue Sapphire
Stone for Edu/Children White Sapphire
Stones for Married life White Sapphire + Emerald
Stone for Parenting Emerald + Blue Sapphire
Stones of Career Red Coral + White Sapphire
Stone for Luck White Sapphire
Stone for Assets White Sapphire + Amethyst/Iolite

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