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Trapiche Emerald

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Trapiche Emerald Prices

The pricing of unique gem varieties like Trapiches is largely a function of supply and demand. Earlier, the supply and demand were low as people were less aware. But, since the well-known international jewelry designer like Selim Mouzannar have started incorporating Trapiche emeralds in their award-winning designs, the popularity is increasing and the prices as well. Some other important factors influencing Trapiche emerald price are Origin, Pattern, Color, Clarity, Shape and Carat weight.

Trapiche Emerald JewelryTrapiche Emerald Jewelry
Trapiche Emerald Jewelry
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Note – In India, Trapiche emerald price per carat starts from ₹ 6,500 per carat ($100 approx.) and can jump as high as ₹ 70,000 per carat ($1100 approx.) plus for premium quality stones.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti. This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!
    • Origin

      – Trapiche emerald from Muzo mines are predominantly of the finest quality, therefore, commands the highest premium. However, it is difficult to find a documented Muzo Trapiche emerald as most of laboratories do not determine origin of a gemstone at the level of mine. Moreover, purchasing Muzo Trapiche emerald is a matter of trust between the buyer and seller.

    • Pattern

      – The spoke pattern is what determines the beauty of a Trapiche emerald gem. Therefore, more prominent is the pattern, higher will be the Trapiche emerald cost. Gems with the inconsistent or unclear patterns are relatively cheaper.

Clarity in Trapiche Pattern – Low to HighClarity in Trapiche Pattern – Low to HighClarity in Trapiche Pattern – Low to HighClarity in Trapiche Pattern – Low to High

Clarity in Trapiche Pattern – Low to High
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  • Color

    – Most of gem professionals agree that color is an important factor in assessing the Trapiche emerald price. The more intense and deeply colored is the greener portion of gem, higher is its value in the market. Too light or excessively dark green stones with unwanted overtones, usually belong to the economy category.

  • Clarity

    – Trapiche gems with clean, inclusions free and transparent green portion are rare in nature hence are usually expensive. However, the price of Trapiche emerald of highly included gems may reduce dramatically.

  • Shape

    – Highly symmetrical Trapiche emerald stone in definite shapes such as round, star, hexagonal etc are hard to come across, hence command huge premium. The Trapiche emerald cabochons (polished, non-faceted gems) with perfect dome also have a good market value as they are highly sought by jewelry designer to make expensive jewelry pieces. Trapiche emerald gems with poor symmetry are comparatively cheaper.

  • Carat weight

    – Just like typical emeralds, Trapiche emerald gemstone price per carat increases exponentially with the increase in size (unless the quality is not compromised at a major level). However, owing to its rarity, some high quality Trapiches even in smaller sizes can be highly valuable.

  • Treatment

    – Due to less popularity and limited demand, Trapiche emeralds are not subjected to major treatments (but minor oiling using safe colourless oil is common). However, some extremely poor quality Trapiche emeralds gems underwent epoxy resin impregnations to fill the cracks, enhance durable and inflate the market prices. Beware! lab created or stimulated Trapiches also exist, but they are usually cheaper and less beautiful than the natural ones. It is always suggested to shop for natural, untreated, unheated Trapiche emerald from the reputed gem retail suppliers and wholesalers.
Trapiche emerald is a unique form of emerald characterised by the presence fix ‘Star like pattern’. Trapiche emerald meaning is derived from a Spanish word ‘Trapiche’ that denotes the spoke wheel use to grind sugarcane. They appear quite different from the typical emerald. They bear some dark lutite, albite or carbonaceous inclusions that are solely responsible for the formation of the Trapiche pattern. This variety of emerald have been found exclusively in the emerald mines of Colombia. Trapiche emerald from Muzo mine, Colombia holds a good reputation in the market due to its fine color, decent clarity and clearly visible wheel like pattern. This gemstone is majorly worn in jewelry and is also revered for collection purposes. Explore our unique collection Trapiche emerald for sale online at budget-friendly prices.
As per sacred vedas, one should wear a natural, deep green color emerald or Panna with no eye visible inclusions. Therefore, we strongly recommend natives to wear a good quality Colombian Emerald or Zambian Emerald to gain best astrological results. Trapiche emerald is an unusual form of emerald admired for its beauty and uniqueness. It is more likely to be worn as a jewelry gemstone. Click here to buy natural emerald for astrological purposes.
Getting the Trapiche gemstone certified by an international recognised gem testing laboratory (like GIA, IGI, GII or GRS etc.) is the most reliable way to ensure the quality and authenticity of the gemstone. The gem report clearly explains the important details associated with the gemstone including its color, weight, dimensions, treatments (if present) along with its photo. One can also consult a gem expert to get a primary gem consultation to make their gemstone shopping reliable. At GemPundit, we have a team of gem experts who will assist you in finding the right gemstone at a reasonable cost.


One can easily buy Trapiche emerald online from GemPundit along with gem reports issues by internationally renowned gem laboratories like GIA, Gubellin, IGI, GII etc. A sample lab certificate is given below.

IGI certified Trapiche emerald IGI certified Trapiche emerald
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