Sunstone is a popular healing gemstone that is also widely used for jewelry purposes. It is available in colors like Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue and is sometimes colorless.

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Who Can Wear A Sunstone Gemstone?

  • Sunstone Gemstone can be worn by those who are ruled by Planet Sun.
  • Sunstones also make beautiful and quite unusual birthstone jewelry for those born under the Pisces, Leo and Libra Zodiac signs.
  • Wearing a Sunstone can be beneficial for people who suffer from stress as the vibrations from the stone have a healing anti-depressant sound.


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Benefits of Wearing A Sunstone Gemstone:

  • Sunstones have a strong solar energy, so they embody within them the warmth, strength, and openness of the sun. They release stress and aid mental clarity.
  • These are powerful stones for bringing joy and other positive feelings into your life. These are good stones to aid the metabolism and digestion and to increase in the vital force of your body.
  • These are strong stones to enhance leadership qualities although this leadership is from the new way of thinking.
  • They give you useful ways to relieve stress, and are helpful if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the shorter days of the year like a chronic sore throat
  • Sunstones may be called a truth detector especially if you are in business. Using this stone may assist you when you are doing business dealings to be sure that the other party is speaking the truth.


How To Wear An Astrological Sunstone Gemstone?

  • Sunstone can be worn in Gold, Silver, and Platinum.
  • Sunstone is worn in the ring finger of the correct hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right-handed people). It should be worn at the time of sunrise on Monday during the Shukla Paksh (Waxing Moon)


About Sunstone:

The Lovely Sparkly inclusions give Sunstone gemstone a shiny appearance. When the sunstone has Copper Crystal inclusions, which is prominent in Sunstones from Oregon, it’s called the shiller effect. The middle part of this crystal sparkles, and usually the color is darkest in the middle and becomes lighter toward the outer edges.

Oregon sunstones can be up to three inches wide. The copper leads to variant color within some stones, where turning one stone will result in manifold hues: the more copper within the stone, the darker the complexion.

 Density of Sunstone lies between 2.64–2.66. Main origins of Sunstone Gemstone are South Norway, Siberia, and several United States localities, India and other places. 


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