Sodalite Gemstone

Sodalite is one of the healing gemstones which are known for its spiritual energy.

Who Should Wear a Sodalite Gemstone?

Sodalite Gemstone is basically blue or bluish-gray in colour with visible appearance of Calcite inclusions in various shades, like white, yellow, green, and red. Due to the high Sodium content in this gemstone, it has been named as 'Sodalite'. Brazil has the largest deposit of this gemstone, which is followed by Russia, Greenland, India, Myanmar, USA, France, etc.

Sodalite Gemstone beads are very attractive and highly in demand among the various collectors. It is especially known for its healing properties and also as an excellent stone for meditating. It also assists its wearer at focusing on your hopes and desires.

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Which Sodalite Gemstone Should I Buy?

While buying a Sodalite Gemstone, the following points should be kept in mind:

  • The gemstone exuberates a brilliant dark blue colour, however, sometimes it might be multicolored blue with multiple white veins running through it.
  • In most of the cases, this gemstone is opaque in terms of clarity.
  • It has a vitreous to oily luster.
  • It can be often confused with other similar minerals like Lazurite, Lazulite and Azurite. The difference lies in the colour of the veins passing through the gemstone. Apart from this there are several other distinguishing features which separate Sodalite from each of them. 


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Sodalite Healing Benefits: 

  • Popularly known as the birthstone for the Sagittarians, this gemstone has immense healing properties which aid its wearer in concentrating at his hopes and desires.
  • The Sodalite Gemstone bestows intuitive abilities which are particularly beneficial to those who intend to enrich their clairvoyant abilities. Often this gemstone has helped its wearers in discovering their latent talents, which they were totally unaware of.
  • This gemstone helps in exploring the deeper self of the sub-conscious. This in turn helps in unleashing multiple capabilities of the human mind.
  • Health wise as well, Sodalite Gemstone is very beneficial to its wearer. Not only it relieves a person of all the thyroid related ailments, it also helps those who are trying to lose some weight.
  • Those who are in creative fields, professionally, they are specially benefited by this gemstone. Those who perform research based work, are especially benefitted by this healing crystal.
  • The Sodalite Gemstone is extremely beneficial to those who have to undertake public speaking activities. It provides a greater boost to the confidence of it wearer, which helps them to excel in their professional field. 


Sodalite Prices: 

  • The price of Sodalite per carat depends upon its Quality (Cut, Clarity and Color).
  • Normally, Sodalite Gemstones are brittle in nature and fractures uneven. It's another variation, Hackmanite is quite rare to find and highly in demand by the collectors. In most of the cases, Sodalites are less likely to be filled with synthetic fillers and treated.


Sodalite Quality: 

  • Sodalite Gemstone Value largely depends upon its rich blue colour with white calcite interspersed. However, it might appear in several other colors, including few being completely colorless. Generally this gemstone is opaque in nature with vitreous to greasy luster.  
  • Sometimes these Sodalite Gemstones exhibit a multitude of colors in a single gemstone, accompanied with grey or white veins.
  • As compared to the Hackmanite, Sodalite Gemstones are priced less, which makes it easily affordable. 


Where Should I Look For Sodalite For Sale? 

While buying Sodalite Gemstones, you must consider some of the following points. 

  • Although it is well within our reach, still there can be chances of counterfeiting it and presenting it for sale to the unsuspecting novice buyers.
  • It is highly advised that before buying a gemstone, it must be ensured that it has been certified of its genuineness by a reputed Gemstone Laboratory. Please keep in mind that there are fake laboratories as well. So, always trust the certificates issued by those laboratories which have a worldwide reputation. At GemPundit, we have tie-ups with several Gemstone Laboratories which are acclaimed for their authentication. Also, we offer you an option to get the gemstone certified from any laboratory of your choice.
  • Before making any purchase of gemstone, ensure that the dealer offers a buyer-friendly return policy. Larger organizations generally follow a clear refund policy as they are conscious about their brand reputation and do not resort to unethical practices. 


For greater healing benefits, buy a certified natural Sodalite Gemstone pendants or rings from GemPundit as we deal with only untreated genuine gemstones which are considered to be the best for the astrological purposes. With every purchase, you also get a certificate of genuineness of the gemstone from a reputed laboratory only. Place your order online and choose from different payment options. We also offer COD facilities. 

Procedure of Wearing a Sodalite Gemstone: 

A healing crystal like Sodalite can be worn anytime as it has no such restrictions like other Astrological Gemstones. Due to this reason, it is highly popular in jewellery making. It can be worn as a pendant or as a ring, set in gold, silver or panchdhatu, with silver being preferred more. Also, when you buy Gemstones or Gemstone Jewelry from us, we will provide you with the correct procedure with instructions in print along with your shipment.