Jade is a semi precious gemstone, which is further classified into two categories named Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is rarer than nephrite and is therefore regarded as more precious. Jade stones are found in green, lavender, red, yellow, white and black colors with a translucent and waxy lusture. Burma, USA and China are the major sources of Jade.

Who Should Wear A Jade?

As per western astrology, Jade is the birthstone for Aries, Taurus, Pisces, Gemini, and Libra. It is also termed as ancient birthstone for May born natives. In Indian astrology, it is believed to strengthen Mercury and hence it is the rashi ratna for Gemini (Mithun) or Virgo (Kanya). 

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Which Jade Stone Should I Buy?

  • The ideal weight of your Jade is at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 6 carat stone)
  • Jade stones should have no internal inclusions and should also exhibit brilliant semi-transparent to translucent shades.
  • Jade gemstones commonly showcase an even coloration of green to whitish green but are also found in shades of lavender, red, yellow, white and black.
  • For Astrological purpose, Burmese Jade stones are considered the best.

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Jade Stone Benefits

  • Jade is considered to be a lucky stone that offers wealth, love and good health. It helps in realizing full potential and attaining goals.
  • It is also said to inspire the mind to make quick and precise decisions and is considered to be a symbol of true love, loyalty and fidelity.
  • Medically, Jade is said to be great for the healing of vital organs, stomach disorders, eyesight and the liver, additionally it also benefits heart and kidney function.
  • The quality of Jade depends upon its Cut, Color, and Clarity.
  • The stone preferably should have no visible inclusions or cracks and should also exhibit a beautiful and even green to whitish green, translucent shade with a waxy lusture.
  • For Astrological purpose, quality depends mainly on the clarity and evenness of the color of the stone’s color.
  • The cut or facets of Jade only have ornamental significance and not astrological.

Jade Quality

Where Should I Buy Natural Jade

Be careful as many dealers sell treated or low quality Jade stones for a higher rate. Therefore, when you buy Jade gemstone Online, ensure that you ask the dealer to get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab of your choice (careful: there are fake labs as well!). You may get your gemstone tested for originality, treatments and country of origin.

The seller should also have a clear refund policy and hopefully, a large presence (larger organizations are likely to be more careful about their brand and stay away from unethical practices).

You can buy Original Jade online at GemPundit.com where Natural Jades are available at affordable prices and in the best quality. We value your trust above anything else and therefore provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Jade gemstone is 100% natural. Also, you can pay cash on delivery as we provide free shipping for our products worldwide. We also have a customer-friendly Return and Refund policy.

Which is The Best Substitute For Jade?

Jade gemstones are considered to be a substitute for Jade gemstones.

How to Wear Jade


Astrologers advise that Jades should be worn in Gold. It can also be worn in Silver or Platinum.

You can select from a huge collection of Jade rings, Jade pendants and bracelet designs at GemPundit. We provide jewelry made from the finest Silver, Gold and Panchdhatu.


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What Is The Procedure For Wearing Jade

According to Vedic AstrologyJade is worn in the little finger of the correct hand (The Left Hand for left-handed people and the Right Hand for right handed people). It is worn on a Wednesday morning before 12 PM noon during the Shukla Paksh (waxing moon).