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Citrine (Sunela)

Citrine Price

On a broader scale, the quality, size and origin are the three major factors that create a difference in the Citrine stone value. Getting a basic idea about all these factors and their influence on price will be helpful for buyers in doing the Citrine gemstone shopping, more confidently.

Note– Currently, the Citrine stone price in India ranges between Rs 125 per carat ($2 approx.) to Rs 400 per carat ($6 approx.) and above. Citrine prices in other countries like the USA, UAE and UK may vary significantly due to the difference in the demand and supply cycle.

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. – Citrine stone price per ratti). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

  • Origin

    – Being the most sought-after variety, Brazilian citrine gemstone prices remain high in comparison to other origins. But if the color and clarity are exceptional, Citrine gem from any origin can fetch a good value in the market.

  • Color

    – According to the trade experts, Sunela stone prices largely depend upon its colour. Citrine stone prices are usually higher for uniformly saturated gems in bright yellow, golden yellow or reddish-orange hue. Citrine with poor color intensity, low saturation, smoky bottom or color zoning often appears less attractive and is therefore sold at the lesser price.

  • Clarity

    – The level of transparency and inclusions (volume, location and density) also bear a strong influence on the Citrine cost. As per the rule, more is the number of inclusions, lesser is the Citrine gemstone price. Therefore, the price of Citrine is often higher for eye clean gems with good transparency.

  • Cut

    – The cutting style also affects the Sunela gemstone prices in the market. The price of Sunela stone is expected to be slightly higher for gems in highly customized fancy shapes such as emerald cut, cushion cut etc. because more wastage is caused in making the deep facets. Round and oval citrine gemstones are more common and are available at relatively lower rates.
  • Carat weight

    – Large size Citrine crystals are comfortably available in nature. Therefore, Citrine price per carat doesn’t increase exponentially for gems in the bigger size. However, in certain cases where the quality of Citrine is super fine, a slight difference in its per carat value can be observed.

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For more details, read our notes on Citrine Price. You can also consult our Gem Experts to find the best quality Citrine loose gemstone within your budget.


Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!




Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

438 Products

438 Products