Aventurine is a shimmery green semi precious gemstone known for its healing effects and exhibiting ‘aventurescence’.

Who Should Wear Aventurine?

Aventurine gemstone finds extensive use in gem therapy, Feng Shui, Talisman and ornamental jewelry. It is suitable for everyone and brings good luck, positivity, happiness, health and wealth to whoever wears it.

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Which Aventurine Stone Should I Buy?

  • Aventurine stone should weigh at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 6 carat+ stone)
  • For Feng Shui or luck, you can go for bigger Aventurine stones (up to 10 carats, 11.25 ratti)
  • Aventurine stone should preferably be free of blemishes and have pure, uniform colour.
  • The glittery effect, known as aventurescence, is because of finely distributed mineral inclusions in the gem.


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Aventurine Stone Benefits

  • Aventurine is known to be the bringer of good luck, happiness and fortune. Green aventurine gemstones are worn as jewellery and also kept as lucky stones in order to attract good vibes and repel harmful situations.
  • Aventurine is said to ward off negative energies and radiations by absorbing them and not letting them reach the wearer. Whether it’s the envy of people, or strong electromagnetic radiations from long exposures to electronic devices like laptops etc, aventurine keeps the wearer safe from all.
  • Aventurine benefits the mental state of its possessor. It brings calmness, tranquility and contentedness into his life, along with strong friendships and mutually healthy relationships.
  • Aventurine gem instills qualities of leadership in the wearer. It grants him focus, clarity of vision, the ability to make wise decisions and be open to new ideas.
  • One of the medical benefits of wearing Aventurine gemstone is said to be received by the Heart chakra. Aventurine helps regulate the blood pressure and also benefits blood circulation.


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Aventurine Gemstone Prices

  • Aventurine stone price in India per carat depends upon Weight (measured in carats or ratti) and Quality (Shape, Clarity and Color).
  • Green Aventurine price in India, because of the abundance of the gemstone, is generally quite affordable.
  • The price of aventurine gemstone at Gempundit.com is Rs 125 per carat. This quality is ideal for astrological, healing and Feng Shui purposes.
  • Convert Aventurine rate per carat into Aventurine price per ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 10,000/ct = Rs 9,000/ratti).

Most gemstone dealers sell low quality quartz and feldspar stones and pass them off as Aventurine gems, thereby not making you get your money's worth. Therefore, do ensure that you get it certified for 100% originality from a trusted Gemological lab.

At GemPundit, there is a stone for every budget. Our catalogue features the best Aventurines and other healing and therapeutic stones.


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Aventurine Quality

  • The quality of Aventurine depends upon its Shape, Color and Clarity.
  • For astrological purposes, Aventurine gemstones should be clear and free of spots or blemishes.
  • The shape of the stone may have ornamental significance but not astrological. Big size Aventurine rocks are carved and sculpted into many lucky shapes for Feng Shui purposes also.  
  • The glittering effect in the stone is caused by natural mineral inclusions present in the form of golden to white colored spots and is known as Aventurescence. The more finely distributed and sharp these spots are, the better the quality of the stone.


Where Should I Buy Natural Aventurine?

When buying Aventurine gemstone online in the UK, USA, India or anywhere in the world, do ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its originality and naturalness along with it. Many unscrupulous dealers sell treated gemstones; therefore, insist your dealer to get your Aventurine certified from a lab of your choice as there are many fraudulent labs that give out fake certificates as well. Also, it is recommended that the company have a larger presence because a brand is more likely to be particular about the quality of its products and services.


Why You Should Buy From GemPundit?

At GemPundit, we ensure certain strict quality measures so that you get the best worth of your hard-earned money:-

  • We sell the best quality Aventurines for affordable prices.
  • We provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Aventurine gemstone is 100% natural.
  • Also, you can pay using the options of cash on delivery (COD) and monthly EMI.
  • Free shipping for all our products in over 200 countries worldwide (Read: Shipment Policy)
  • We also have a customer-friendly 10 days Return and Refund Policy.