Agate is a beautiful semi precious gemstone found in many colors and famous for its use in jewelry and healing.

Who Should Wear Agate?

Agate gemstone is considered auspicious and lucky for anyone who wears or possesses it. Agate finds widespread use in Feng Shui and is kept in various Feng Shui corners or Bagua areas in houses or one’s workplace for various benefits.

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Which Agate Stone Should I Buy?

  • Agate stone should weigh at least 1/10th carats of your body weight. (60 kg body weight = 6 carat+ stone)
  • Agate stone should preferably be free of spots and blemishes and have pure and uniform colour.

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Agate Benefits

  • Agate gemstone is said to greatly increase the self confidence of its wearer. It takes away negativity, sadness and frustration and fills the wearer with positivity and joy.
  • Agate is considered to be an excellent protective stone. It is said to ward off evil energies and keep its wearer or possessor safe from mishaps especially, when kept in Children’s closets or close to their bedside.
  • Agate gem is said to help the body’s biological cycle and help in improving sleeping disorders or frequent nightmares.
  • Agate stone makes the person more focused, dedicated and resourceful. It helps the wearer achieve greater productivity at work and concentrate on the task at hand than distracting trivial thoughts.
  • Agate gives its wearer good perspective, focus and efficient decision making skills.
  • Agate is believed to be very beneficial and lucky for relationships. It increases understanding and fidelity in marital relationships.

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Agate Gemstone Price

  • Agate price in India per carat depends upon the Weight (measured in carats or ratti) and the Quality (Clarity, Color and Shape).
  • At, the price of Agate stone is Rs 150 per carat. Moss Agate is considered ideal for healing and Feng Shui purposes.
  • Convert Agate price per carat into Agate cost per ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 10,000/ct = Rs 9,000/ratti).
  • At GemPundit, you can also buy Agate jewellery online, especially Agate rings, Agate pendants & necklaces, and Agate bracelets at affordable prices.

Most gemstone dealers sell synthetic Agate gems or pass off low quality stones with false names as Agate, thereby not making you get your money's worth. Therefore, do ensure that you get it certified for 100% originality from a trusted Gemological lab.

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Agate Quality:

  • The quality of Agate depends upon its Shape, Color and Clarity.
  • For astrological purposes, Agates should be clear and free of spots or blemishes.
  • The colour of Agate should be pure and uniform.
  • Agate is also carved and sculpted into many lucky shapes for jewellery and Feng Shui purposes also.

Where Should I Buy Natural Agate?

When buying Agate online in the UK, USA, India or anywhere in the world, do ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its originality along with it. Many unscrupulous dealers sell synthetic gemstones; therefore, insist that your dealer get your Agate certified from a reputed lab of your choice. Beware! There are many fraudulent labs that give out fake certificates as well. Buying from a company having a larger presence is always better, as a brand is more likely to be particular about the quality of its products and services.

Why Should You Buy From GemPundit?

At GemPundit, we ensure certain strict quality measures so that you get the best worth of your hard-earned money:-

  • We sell the best quality Agates for affordable prices.
  • We provide a free lab certificate which ensures that your Agate is 100% natural.
  • Also, you can pay using the options of cash on delivery (COD) and monthly EMI.
  • Free shipping for all our products in 9 countries (UK, USA, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Nepal etc) and for all orders worth above Rs 10,000, worldwide. (Read: Shipment Policy)
  • We also have a customer-friendly 10 day Return and Refund Policy.