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Zambian Emerald

Zambian Emerald Quality

Qualities like cool green hue and comparatively high clarity have provided Zambian emerald gems a reputed position in the global gem market in a small span of time. The discovery of emerald mines in Zambia has substantially reduced the dependency on Colombia to obtain fine quality emeralds. But, just like other colored gemstones, the best quality Zambian Emerald gemstone also comes in different grades ranging from high to low. Therefore, Color, Clarity, and Cut are the parameters used to define the quality of a Zambian Panna stone, individually.

  • Color – Color is by far the most important criterion for judging quality of an emerald gemstone. Generally, Zambian emeralds are deep green with slight bluish overtone. However certain top-quality Zambian emeralds are found in pure green hue as well.

    Color Variation in Zambian emerald in average to top quality stones Color Variation in Zambian emerald in average to top quality stones Color Variation in Zambian emerald in average to top quality stones
    Color Variation in Zambian emerald in average to top quality stones
  • Clarity – Zambian emeralds fall in the category of Type III gemstone which means that crystals will never be loupe clean – minor inclusions that reduce clarity are bound to exist. It mostly contains inclusions (such as tiny fractures, black dots like specks and cube shaped crystals) that serve as identification marks and are fairly acceptable. Zambian emerald with relatively good transparency and less inclusions are considered top quality emeralds.

    Zambian emerald with no eye visible inclusions Zambian emerald with no eye visible inclusions Highly included Zambian Emerald Highly included Zambian Emerald
  • Cut – While faceting precious gemstones like Zambian emerald, lapidaries (gem cutters) always choose a cut that saves maximum carat weight without disturbing the gem’s beauty. Oval cut, emerald cut, rectangular cut and square octagonal cut are some highly preferred cutting styles for Emeralds. Fancy cuts like princess cut and trillion cut involve stone wastage, hence are less common and expensive.

    Emerald cut Zambian Emerald Emerald cut Zambian Emerald Oval cut Zambian emerald Oval cut Zambian emerald Cushion Cut Zambian Emerald Cushion Cut Zambian Emerald

Zambian Emerald Value (Prices)

The four C’s of quality including the Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight are carefully analysed to determine the price of a Zambian emerald.

Note : Loose Zambian emerald stone price in India starts from ₹ 2,500 per carat ($40 approx.) and can reach up to ₹ 40,000 per carat ($600 approx.) plus depending upon its quality and rarity. At GemPundit, we don’t recommend our customers to shop Zambian Panna in price per ratti. Browse our collection to buy Zambian Panna online as per the current market rates in India.

    • Color – The price depends on the beauty of color. High quality deep green emeralds are always more valuable. Zambian emerald price per carat generally reduces for too light or too pale stones.

    • Clarity – Natural Zambian emeralds are mostly included and therefore, the relatively cleaner pieces demand a cost for quality. Highly included Zambian Panna gemstone containing dots, clouds and feather inclusions are comparatively cheaper.

    • Cut – A fine cut adds to the value and aesthetic of a gemstone. Typically, a highly faceted stone can create a hike of 20 to 30% in Zambian Panna stone price due to the wastage involved in the process. Oval cut is regarded as an economical choice as it retains maximum carat weight and appears equally good.

    • Carat weight – Due to its moderate hardness, Zambian emerald breaks off easily during the mining process and therefore, excellent quality pieces are rarer in large sizes. The cost of Zambian emerald per carat rises substantially (but not exponentially) with increase in weight (assuming same quality).

Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti. This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!

Zambian Emerald Stone Benefits

Emerald or Panna is a powerful astrological gemstone and its beauty was much appreciated and cherished by the ancient Kings, Conquerors, Moguls and Pharaohs. As per the vedic scriptures, wearing a fine quality emerald gemstone brings great results for people under the influence of Mercury. Zambian Panna is highly recommended by the astrologers since these stones are generally clean and deep green in color.

Will an Emerald Suit me? Should I wear an emerald?

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    • Boosts Intelligence, Creativity & Finance – Emerald or Panna stone represents planet Mercury which is the karaka of intellect. Thus, wearing a fine quality, original Zambian Panna stone is considered good for individual’s knowledge growth, memory and creative abilities.

    • Refined Oratory Skills – Being ruled by Vaani-karaka Mercury, emerald gemstone is deeply trusted by astrologers to improve wearer’s communication skills and self-confidence. The positive energies of emerald stimulate wearer’s thinking abilities and thereby, improves expression of thoughts.

    • Revitalizes Skin, Eyes & Nerves – In alternative healing therapies, emerald gemstone is considered highly beneficial for people dealing with skin or nerves related ailments. It also helps recover from mental issues like depression, anxiety and fear etc. in a matured way.

    • Zambian Panna Stone Benefits

Improves Financial Graph

Success in Creative Pursuits

Boosts Intelligence & Oratory Skills

Heals Skin, Eyes and Nerves

Quality of a colored gemstone depends on several factors. As a rule, high quality Zambian emerald displays minimum inclusions, deep green color and high lustre. Read our notes on Zambian Emerald Qualities and Zambian Emerald Prices for in-depth knowledge. We always recommend customers to buy lab certified Zambian emerald gemstone to ensure fair purchase. GemPundit is one of the leading online gem store for shopping natural Zambian emerald at best prices. Browse our collection to find certified Zambian Panna stones online in different shapes and carat weights!
For best astrological results, it is very important to follow the correct vedic process for wearing Emerald (Panna). First of all, one should ensure the quality of the gemstone and its genuineness. Emerald should be of fine color and clarity. Astrologers consider Zambian emerald ideal for astrological use as they mostly bear good color and clarity. Ideally, the minimum carat weight of the gemstone should be 1/12th of the wearer’s body weight. It can be worn in gold or silver mental in the form of ring, pendant or bracelet, preferably on Wednesday, morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksh. Never forget to recite the holy mantra of planet Mercury (Om Budhaya Namah) for 108 times to energize emerald gemstone before wearing it. For greater information, Request a Call Back from our Pundit ji.

Lab Certificates – Zambian Emerald

At GemPundit, one can find a huge inventory of 100% natural Colombian and Zambian emeralds for sale online at affordable prices. We also provide genuine lab certificate issued by internationally trusted gem labs like IGI and GIA as a token of trust. Some sample certificates are given below!

GIA Certified Zambian Emerald GIA Certified Zambian EmeraldIGI Certified Zambian Emerald IGI Certified Zambian Emerald
GRS Certified Zambian Emerald GRS Certified Zambian EmeraldGII Certified Zambian Emerald GII Certified Zambian Emerald

Gubelin Certified Zambian Emerald Gubelin Certified Zambian Emerald
ITLGJ Certified Zambian Emerald ITLGJ Certified Zambian Emerald


Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!




Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

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