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Yellow Topaz


    The quality of Yellow Topaz is judged collectively after analyzing its origin, color and clarity. Any change, major or minor, can significantly influence the overall worth of the gemstone. Buy the best quality Yellow Topaz gemstone to make the most of your shopping.

  • Origin–Yellow topaz mines have been discovered in Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, United States and Asia. However, yellow topaz from Brazil, is the most popular variety considering the richer color consistency and overall clarity found in the majority of gemstones mined from the region. Also, yellow topaz from Ukraine and Russia have become popular with time.

  • Color– Yellow Topaz comes in many colors, from light to deep dark yellow to brown. But Brazilian Imperial Topaz displaying golden yellow hues with a light tint of pink, is the most desirable color with highest aesthetic and astrological relevance.

  • Clarity– Clarity is broadly judged by the transparency and inclusions found in the gemstone. Visible inclusions in yellow topaz exist in and as tear shaped cavities. Invisible inclusions can only be seen with a microscope. A transparent, natural yellow topaz gem with least number of visible inclusions is highly regarded for astrological and aesthetic uses.


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156 Products