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Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique ruby is a premium variety of ruby gemstone, resourced from Mozambique region of Africa. Due to its brilliant red hue and high transparency, Mozambique ruby is more valuable than the rubies found in other African mines. Vedic astrology strongly recommends this gemstone for professional and academic success, financial growth and better health. It is also the birthstone for July.

Mozambique Ruby Mines

Ruby mining in Mozambique is a relatively new industry. In fact, this deposit was discovered in 2009 and currently, it is one of the largest ruby deposit in the world. Interestingly, many gemologists believe that nearly 40% of the unmined ruby of the world belongs to the Mozambique region. This area’s geographical conditions also contribute to the physical properties of Mozambique ruby, especially to its color.

Mozambique Ruby RoughMozambique Ruby Rough Pic Credit – GIA

According to the gem experts, the rubies of Mozambique region are trapped inside the deeply hidden pebbles which are excavated, washed, sorted and graded for exports by the big mining companies. Some of the important Mozambique ruby mines are as follows -

  • Montepuez Ruby Mine

    This popular Mozambique ruby mine is situated in the Cabo Delgado Province. Montepuez ruby mining was further promoted because the rubies from this region are usually more transparent than usual and contain less inclusions than rubies coming from other primary deposits.
  • Niassa Ruby Mine

    Out of four major ruby mines of Mozambique, the three major mines are located in the Niassa Province namely M’sawize, Ruombeze and Ngauma. The rubies from this region are known as Niassa Ruby. It is characterised by its dark tone and comparatively low transparency due to the presence of silk inclusions. However, the high quality Niassa ruby appears bright red and clean.
    Silk Inclusion in Niassa RubySilk Inclusion in Niassa Ruby
    Pic Credit – GIA
  • Other Small Mines

    - Some other small mines of rubies are present in the Tete Province. It covers the mineral deposits of Chimessolo and Changara.
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Mozambique Ruby Quality

Being comparatively a newcomer, Mozambique ruby gemstone have given a relevant contribution in the gem industry. This gemstone is now dominating the market for several reasons including its color, size, brilliance and lack of thermal enhancement (mostly untreated). Gem traders often determine by the quality of Mozambique ruby by assessing its Color, Clarity and Cut.

    • Color

      – Rubies from this deposit are typically medium to dark red in color. Mozambique ruby stones contain iron element that brings the color slightly towards purplish red with weak to medium florescence. Vivid Red or Pigeon blood red Mozambique ruby is the finest quality in terms of color.

    • Clarity

      – Mozambique ruby rough mostly contains silk inclusions. These microscopic inclusions are not visible from naked eyes but affects the transparency or crystal-like appearance of the stone. Due to this reason, eye clean Mozambique rubies are less common and more expensive.

VS clarity Mozambique Ruby VS clarity Mozambique Ruby
Eye-clean Mozambique Ruby Eye-clean Mozambique Ruby

  • Cut – The cutting style of the gemstone has less yet reflective influence over its quality. A skilfully faceted Mozambique ruby appears brighter, clearer and more lustrous. On the other hand, a poorly faceted stone not just appears dull but also loses its color.

    Round cut Mozambique Ruby Round cut Mozambique Ruby
    Cushion cut Mozambique Ruby Cushion cut Mozambique Ruby
    Oval cut Mozambique Ruby Oval cut Mozambique Ruby

Mozambique Ruby Prices

Rubies from Mozambique region of Africa have gained immense popularity in a shorter time span. Apart from its quality, the high astrological value and strong demand of Mozambique ruby in jewelry industry have created a strong influence over its prices. Typically, Mozambique ruby stone prices depend upon its Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight.

Notes - In India, Mozambique ruby prices per carat ranges from Rs 20,000 per carat ($315 approx.) to Rs 1 lakh per carat ($1400 approx.) and above.

Buyer Beware: Buyer Beware: Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti. This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!
    • Color

      – Due to its fine color, a vivid red or Pigeon Blood Red Mozambique ruby always demands the highest value. On the other hand, Mozambique ruby value reduces substantially when stone’s color starts moving far from red tone.

    • Clarity

      – As per the market trend, a highly transparent Mozambique ruby with no eye visible inclusion demands a good premium. However, this trend is not applicable on Niassa ruby prices. Despite of being included with silk (rutile needle inclusions), Niassa ruby value remains substantially high. This is because its low clarity is well compensated by its rare and brilliant reddish pink hue.
    • Cut

      – The tax liability on gemstone in Mozambique (approx. 10%) is too high, therefore, even Mozambique ruby rough price is considerably high. Therefore, lapidaries (gem cutter) pay more attention towards weight retention while cutting the Mozambique ruby crystal. Generally, cuts and shapes (e.g. – oval cut, cushion cut etc.) that retains maximum weight are cheaper than highly faceted stone in fancy cuts.
    • Carat weight

      – In colored gemstones, quality rules over size. Hence, even a small size Mozambique ruby stone in good color and clarity draws a good value. Generally, Mozambique rubies price per carat increases significantly when size increases hand in hand with quality.

Mozambique Ruby Benefits

Due to its superior color and clarity, Mozambique Ruby is strongly recommended for astrological purposes. Since it is rarely treated or enhanced, this gemstone can be worn to strengthen planet Sun in the horoscope and gain maximum benefits from its benefic placement in the horoscope. Buy the best quality Mozambique Ruby gemstone to make the most of your shopping.

Will Mozambique Ruby Suit me? Should I wear a Mozambique Ruby gemstone?

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    • Promotes Professional & Academic Progress

      – As per Vedic astrology, wearing a fine quality Mozambique ruby benefits individual stay alert and thereby achieve their goals in a timely fashion. It is also considered beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams.

    • Increases Financial & Social Status

      – Astrologers believe that Mozambique ruby gemstone benefits people suffering from serious financial troubles. It is also beneficial in maintaining the wearer’s imperial and luxurious lifestyle.

    • Cures Bone, Eyes & Heart diseases

      – Sun is regarded as the karaka of health in vedic astrology. Therefore, it is believed that a fine quality ruby from Mozambique or otherwise, bears some great curative abilities and is considered beneficial for native’s heart, eyes and bones.

    • Improves Paternal Relationships

      – Sun represents father figure in the native’s horoscope. Hence, astrologers deeply believe that wearing a natural Mozambique ruby benefits the health of native’s father and can also be worn to improve his weakened circumstances as well.
    • Mozambique Ruby Stone Benefits

Promotes Professional & Academics Success

Boosts Financial & Social Status

Rejuvenates Health

Improves Paternal Relationship

Mozambique Ruby Certificates

One can easily buy loose Mozambique Ruby gemstone online from GemPundit along with gem

GRS Certificate of Mozambique RubyGRS Certificate of Mozambique Ruby GIA Certificate of Mozambique Ruby GIA Certificate of Mozambique Ruby Pic Credit – Google
Gemologically, there is a significant difference between Mozambique rubies and Myanmar rubies (Burmese Ruby or Burma Ruby).
In terms of color, Rubies from Burma are characterised by their vivid red or deep blood red hue. However, certain low-quality stones display pinkish red hue as well. Too dark red Burmese ruby are extremely rare.
On the other hand, the color of Mozambique ruby in deeper shades are comparatively easier to find. Due to the presence of iron traces, certain ruby pieces from Mozambique appear deep purplish red in color. As the color shifts towards darker side, the quality of Mozambique ruby drops significantly. Mozambique ruby of the finest quality also bears deep Pigeon Blood Red hue, but it is less common in nature.
Now, clarity is another important factor to differentiate these two ruby stone varieties. Rubies from Burma are fairly included gemstones that contain both highly visible and less inclusions. Eye clean Burmese ruby are exceptionally rare in nature. Mozambique rubies contain silk (rutile needle like inclusions), which are not visible to the naked eyes but hamper their transparency and crystal-like appearance. To get more details, Contact our Gem Experts.


StoneColor RangeClarity
Mozambique Ruby Pinkish Red to Deep Red and Purplish Red hue Contains invisible silk inclusion that slightly effects the transparency.
Burmese Ruby Pale pink to Deep Vivid red or Blood Red hue Contains visible inclusions. Eye-clean pieces are extremely rare.
Astrologically, it is always recommended to wear the best quality natural Ruby or Manik gemstone in 1/12th proportion of the wearer’s body weight to gain maximum benefits. Natives under the influence of Sun are suggested to wear a bright red, transparent, untreated Mozambique ruby, after getting it energised by sacred vedic mantras. As per Indian astrology, Gold metal is strongly recommended to wear Surya ratna - Manik. A fine quality Mozambique Manik stone can be worn in the form of ring, bracelet or pendant, preferably on Sunday morning during Shukla Paksha to gain best results. For more information, Request a Call Back from our Pundit Ji .


Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!




Select a beautiful piece from our wide online selection, or chat with our experts for more options!

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