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Moldavite Value

The exploding popularity and the depletion of important Moldavite mines clearly indicate the sharp increase in Moldavite stone price in the near future. But currently, the price of Moldavite is relatively steady. Hence, it is the best time to invest and add some beautiful specimens in your collection. Here are some important factors that influence Moldavite price in the market.

Note Moldavite price in India ranges between Rs 500 per gram ($7) to Rs 1000 per gram ($15) and above. Moldavite prices in other countries like the UK, USA and UAE may vary because of the difference in demand and supply cycle.

Buyer Beware : Gemstone Weights in India are often expressed in Ratti (e.g. – Moldavite price per Ratti). This system can be used to dupe customers who are not knowledgeable on how the conversion works. Read our guide to Understanding Gemstone Weights: Carats vs Ratti, and Don’t Get Fooled by Gemstone Prices in Ratti, instead of Carats!
  • Color

    The more uniform and pure is the green color, higher is the Moldavite price per gram. According to the gem experts, Moldavite cost often drops for specimens which are excessively pale or too dark with brown and grey overtones.
  • Clarity

    Due to its natural properties, the genuine Moldavite gemstones are rarely transparent. Therefore, the cost of Moldavite increases for specimens with fewer inclusions and good transparency. Dark and opaque pieces are more easily available and can be purchased at quite reasonable prices.
  • Cut

    The skilfully faceted Moldavite crystal price remains the highest because they are rarely found in the market and appears quite beautiful. Even the rough Moldavite in some unique shapes and patterns grab a higher value than the regular ones in mixed shapes.
  • Carat weight

    The large size Moldavite are easily available in the market. The cost of Moldavite per gram doesn’t increase exponentially for gems in higher weight and size.
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Moldavite is a naturally formed green glass created in a meteorite explosion. This extraordinary gemstone is recognised for its unique physical appearance and metaphysical properties. It is highly sought-after for its unique looks, affordable price and strong healing properties. The most striking feature about Moldavite gem is the etched or wrinkled patterns on its surface that makes it look like a frozen fern. People usually prefer to wear this gemstone in the raw form to materialise its maximum benefits.
Read our comprehensive Moldavite buying guide to know more about this amazing gemstone. In case, you are willing to buy genuine Moldavite, please feel free to get in touch with our helpful expert consultants .

One can purchase Moldavite gemstone from any online gem store, local jeweller or a gem retailer. But it is important to make your purchase from the trusted gem suppliers and wholesalers of the industry to ensure the quality. One must seek for gem traders who provide certified Moldavite stone for sale at reliable prices. The lab certificate issued by a trusted gem testing laboratory serves as a universally accepted proof of the gem’s authenticity.

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One can use Moldavite in any way they want. The raw Moldavite stone can be wrapped in wire to form beautiful pendants. One can also wear loose Moldavite stone and keep them in close association with their body to experience its positive influences in their life. Some gem healers also recommend people to keep Moldavite in water and drink the water to gain the healing benefits of this wonderful gemstone.

Moldavite majorly comes from different mining locations present in the Vltava River Basin of Czech Republic. According to the gemologist, the best specimens come from the Southern Bohemia region and Besednice strewn fields of Czech Republic. Bohemian Moldavite is recognised for its deep green hue whereas Besednice Moldavite is more popular for its unique spiny-shape and rarity (mines closed from last 10 years). Another important variety comes from the Southwestern Moravian Strew-field known as Moravian Moldavite stones that are nearly spherical in shape but are brownish green in color.


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