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Who Should Wear Jasper stone?

  • Jasper healing crystal is highly regarded as the stone of happiness, relaxation and comfort. It can be worn by anyone as it causes no negative effect on the wearer.
  • Jasper gemstone is known to provide a sense of protection and emotional support to the wearer. It can be worn by pregnant women, infants and patients suffering from severed health issues.
  • Historically, Jasper gems were trusted by ancient kings and emperors to gain physical stamina, confidence and vitality.

Types of Jasper

Jasper gemstone is available in more than hundreds of varieties. The quality is often judged by assessing its Origin, Color and Surface texture. A fine colored, natural Jasper without any eye visible grooves or pit is always considered the best quality Jasper gemstone.

  • 1. Red Jasper crystal – Also known as the stone of endurance, Red Jasper stone helps to improve physical strength and stamina. It also stimulates positive energy that helps reduces stress and anxiety.

    Red Jasper Crystal

    Red Jasper Crystal

  • 2. Ocean Jasper – Ocean jasper crystal belongs to orbicular jasper family and is majorly found in Madagascar. The body color of Ocean jasper stone is white with oval patterns. It is a stone of happiness and tranquility and is primarily worn to bring calmness and peace of mind to the wearer.

    ocean Jasper

    Ocean Jasper

  • 3. Camel Jasper – It is a light brown colored jasper stone which is characterized by color banding and unique patterns. It is majorly sourced from India. This brown Jasper gemstone is primarily worn to cure depression, anxiety and stress.

    camel Jasper

    Camel Jasper

  • 4. Fancy Jasper – This variety contains a mix of colors such as purple, mauve, green and cream. This gemstone is also known for bringing a sense of positivity and well-being.

    Fancy Jasper

    Fancy Jasper

  • 5. Picture Jasper – This exclusive variety of brown jasper crystal is characterized by the unique scenic patterns present on its surface. Picture jasper stone is worn to inspire creativity and is considered highly effective for people in creative professions.

    picture Jasper

    Picture Jasper

  • 6. Green Jasper – Pure green jasper crystal is a rare variety since its surface mostly contains colored patches. Green jasper is worn to improve fertility, heal anxious minds and improve relationships.

    Green Jasper

    Green Jasper

  • 7. Yellow Jasper – As its name depicts, Yellow jasper gemstone is a yellow colored variety mined from Russia, India, Australia etc. Regarded as the stone of intellect, this gemstone is considered ideal for scholars, writers and poets.

    Yellow Jasper

    Yellow Jasper

  • 8. Kambaba Jasper Stone – It is a green colored variety of Jasper obtained from Madagascar and South Africa. Just like other varieties, Kambaba jasper gemstone is worn to strengthen optimism by subsiding negative thoughts and emotions and thereby promoting self-confidence in the wearer. It is also considered an effective stone for sound digestive health.

    Kambaba Jasper

    Kambaba Jasper

  • 9. Brecciated Jasper – Also denoted as Poppy jasper, this variety contains patches of white, yellow, black and brown that enhances its appearance. This gemstone is known to lend wearer the sense of wholeness and tranquility.

    Brecciated Jasper

    Brecciated Jasper

  • 10. Mookaite Jasper – Originated in Australia, Mookaite jasper stone comes in red and light-yellow color. It is believed that Mookaite jasper healing properties help improve the wearer’s internal strength and will power to deal with difficult situations in life.

    Mookaite Jasper

    Mookaite Jasper

  • 11. Dalmatian Jasper – Dalmatian jasper gemstone is a pale grey or creamish colored stone with black and brown spots. It is worn to stimulate positive energies and combat exhaustion.

    Dalmatian Jasper

    Dalmatian Jasper

  • 12. Rainforest Jasper – It’s a beautiful green Jasper variety differentiated by the colored patches present on the surface. Rainforest jasper healing properties helps the wearer to give up addictive tendencies.

  • Rainforest Jasper

    Rainforest Jasper

Jasper Stone Benefits

Jasper stone has been valued since centuries for its strong healing properties. This immensely effective healing gemstone was trusted by people of different civilizations including Persians, Greeks, Hebrews and Arabs. In color healing therapies, this gemstone is highly recommended to cure wearer’s physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Cures Anxiety and Creative Blocks

    – Astrologers believe that wearing a fancy jasper gemstone benefits individual to overcome anxiety and stress. It also promotes rational thinking and stimulates creativity.

  • Boosts Physical Stamina

    – Red jasper stone benefits wearer by improving their metabolism and stimulating the muscle power. This gemstone was deeply trusted by ancient people for gaining better physical strength and restore vitality.

  • Improves Spiritual Awareness

    – Due to its association with Throat Chakra, Jasper gemstone is considered helpful in shifting wearer’s inclination towards spiritual activities. The positive energies of Jasper gemstone benefits people by improving their concentration and supporting spiritual activities.

  • Heals Chronic Ailments

    – In alternative healing therapies, it is believed that jasper stone benefits individuals undergoing prolonged treatments by expediting their recovery. It also promotes body de-toxification and cell regenerations.

  • Bestows Marital & Progeny Bliss

    – Wearing jasper stone benefits people by improving their relationship with the partner. It helps to restore harmony and mutual understanding. Jasper gem is also suggested to be worn by couples struggling with bearing child.

    • Jasper Stone Benefits:

Stimulates Creativity & Intellect

Supports Spiritual Activities

Cures Chronic Disorders

Bestows Marital & Progeny Bliss

Jasper Stone Price

Unlike other precious gemstones, Jasper is abundantly available in nature. For this reason, one may not find a drastic increase in Jasper price even for superior quality and big size stones. Origin, Color, Pattern, Texture and Shape are some factors that help to evaluate Jasper stone value.

Note -: Jasper price per carat in India ranges from Rs 100 ($1.5 approx.) to Rs 200 ($3 approx.) per ct. and plus. Jasper international prices may vary depending upon the availability.

  • Origin – The physical appearance of Jasper depends on the geographical factor of its origin. Due to this reason, jasper stones resourced from different mining locations display different color and patterns. Madagascar jasper and Imperial jasper are comparatively pricier due to their rarity in nature. However, Australian jasper, African jasper, Egyptian jasper and Indian Jasper are readily available and are quite affordable.
  • Color – Generally, Jasper cost relates with the purity and overall distribution of colour over the surface. Blood red jasper stone price remains highest, since it is relatively rare. In multicolored jasper varieties, the beauty of pattern determines the overall price.
  • Clarity – Clarity in Jasper is defined in terms of surface textures and visible flaws. The opaque surface of Jasper gemstone is skillfully shaped and polished by the gem cutter to improve its radiance. Jasper overall worth decreases if any pit, spot or scratch is present and prominently visible through naked eyes.
  • Shape – Jasper is mostly available as oval shaped cabochons (polished, non-faceted stones), which are priced reasonably. However, a banded jasper gets a slighter higher value as it needs extra care while cutting in order to avoid the separation of its layers.
  • Carat weight – Jasper is moderately hard and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to their sufficient availability, the price of jasper stones doesn’t increase significantly with rise in weight.
  • Treatment – Due to its abundance in nature, Jasper is not vulnerable to profiteering practices such as treatments or synthetic processing. At GemPundit, we always advise our customers to ask for lab certificates while shopping Jasper online or from any local store to ensure value for money.

Gemstone prices in India are calculated both in Carats as well as Ratti. Since, carat is a bigger unit, Jasper price per carat appears slightly higher than Jasper price per ratti.
1 Ratti = 0.91 Carats


Jasper gemstone is available in more than hundreds of varieties. The quality is often judged by assessing its Origin, Color and Surface texture. A fine colored, natural Jasper without any eye visible grooves or pit is always considered most desirable.

  • Origin – Jasper mining occurs all over the globe, and its different varieties are resourced from a no. of origins. Most prominent Jasper mines are found in Brazil, Australia, Africa, Egypt, India, Canada, Madagascar, United States, Mexico, Russia and Kazakhstan. These origins resource the most notable Jasper varieties such as Red Jasper, Ocean Jasper etc.

  • Color – Jasper gemstones occur in as many shades as in rainbow and in as many patterns as in kaleidoscope. Each color is unique and every color pattern has its own beauty and metaphysical significance. Some common Jasper colour varieties include Red jasper, Black jasper, Blue Jasper, Brown jasper, Green jasper, Yellow jasper etc. Other less popular varieties occur in off-shades such as orange jasper stone, purple jasper stone, grey jasper stone, pink jasper stone, multicolored jasper etc.

  • Surface Texture – Most of the jasper are opaque and hence the clarity is defined by their surface texture, spots or blemishes if present. A smooth, well-polished Jasper stone without any pits or surface grooves is considered most desirable. But exceptions do exist. Some colorful jasper stones get higher price due to the beautiful inclusions, poppy marks and bands present on their surface.
Jasper is an opaque gemstone of Chalcedony mineral family. It is usually red or brown in color but it is also available in grey, blue, white, yellow, orange, pink and green hue. The term ‘Jasper’ is derived from old French word ‘Jaspre’ meaning spotted or marked stone. This gemstone is worn for its strong metaphysical properties and healing powers. It is believed that Jasper healing properties help the wearer to stay physically active, emotionally stable and spiritually grounded. It is worn as a protection stone by pregnant women and children. Jasper hardness ranges around 6.5 to 7 on Mohs scale which proves that the gemstone is scratch resistant enough to be customized in jewelry. Explore our catalogue to buy 100% natural, certified Jasper stone online.
Jasper gemstone exists in numerous varieties, each classified on the basis of its color, pattern and origin. Based on color, some popular varieties of Jasper include Red jasper gemstone, Black jasper stone, Blue Jasper stone, Brown jasper stone, Green jasper stone, White jasper stone, Yellow jasper stone and Rainbow jasper etc. Other varieties are named after the soul origin from where the raw jasper is extracted. Mookaite jasper, Dalmatian jasper, Australian Rainforest jasper, Kambaba jasper (African Jasper), Noreena jasper and Owyhee jasper are some examples. Certain other exclusive varieties of Jasper display unique inclusions, color patterns or bands such as Ocean jasper, Orbicular jasper, Camel jasper etc. At GemPundit, one can buy Jasper online in every color, pattern and of different origin at the most reasonable prices. We also provide FREE lab certificates to ensure the quality and originality.


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